A Mentor is the One “Who Accelerate Your Potential” Essay

A Mentor is the One “Who Accelerate Your Potential”

Mentor is not going to go out of their way to drag someone along if they don’t show initiative. Mentorship is something that requires strong commitment from both parties and takes a lot of effort. The end results however are more than worth it. The lessons, connections, and opportunities that mentors provide are invaluable. It’s up to you, however, to ask and take advantage of what mentors can offer.

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Mentorship is the best path to career success, hands down. The benefits that you can gain from a good mentor relationship can outweigh grad school, natural ability and even dumb luck. The key is to have the foresight and humility to ask to be mentored.

Mentor is the one who guides you and you share a personal or professional relationship with your mentor. A mentor is someone who helps you glide your way to success, while reducing the probability of committing mistakes as they to select the burn themselves.

A mentor and a mentee relationship is not a new concept, It has existed since the dawn of time. We all have heard Krishna & Arjun’s relationship. Had Krishna not guided Arjun, in the Indian epic Mahabharata? Mentors are invaluable for many reasons; they are your “go to person”. Mentor is a life guard, who saves you from drowning. They inspire you, provide you knowledge, motivate you and show you the correct path no one else can. Serving as a mentor brings many challenges and rewards, with the best mentors working to shape their mentees into other leaders, rather than just good followers. If done well the long-term impact of mentoring can offer life and career changing benefits to both parties. A mentor might not exactly instruct or provide on the spot coaching or training. Instead, he will challenge mentees and encourages them to think through issues and approaches by asking difficult to answer questions and serve as a source of wisdom when needed.

Many people attribute part of their professional growth to the guidance of a patient mentor who challenged them to think differently and open their eyes and mind to different perspective. While each of us develops at our own pace, this type of influence can have many positive and lasting effects. A mentor become a personal guide or advocate for you, not so much in the public setting but rather in your work life. Many organizations recognize the power of effective mentoring and have established programs to help younger professional identify and gain support from more experienced professional.

What a Mentor Does for You:

-Takes a long-ranger view on your growth and development.

-Helps you see the destination but do not give you the detailed map to get there.

-Offers encouragement and cheerleading, but not “how to “advice.

Life mentors are not only the professional ones, we usually think of, like teachers and coaches, but also everyday people in our lives. For example some of your current mentor includes your family member, friends, neighbors or colleagues. They all are aware from your potential and dedication towards work and sometimes they keep themselves in the situation to justify the far-sighted vision as they are well known with your capabilities. With this far-sighted vision and practical experiences they guide us to follow the best track in case of Dilemma. Life mentors can positively influence us and even change our long term perspectives. That one tip or that one moment of inspiration from your friend or family member can totally change your life’s direction by influencing your attitude, thoughts, beliefs and behavior. Your life mentors are everywhere if you are only willing to see them. Keep your eyes open, otherwise you just miss out one of your greatest life mentor.

They will support you after a Setback: We all have felt really down after a defeat, rejection or failure, in that situation our life mentor listen to us and remind us of the big successes we have already had in the past. They remind us that while we feel a little down at the time of failure, and continuously inspire that we have got to keep our head up, because we still have a bright future which nobody realizes.

They Motivate and Inspire You to Take Action: When you are making excuses or afraid to move forward our life mentor realizes this and alerts you. They don’t get into your unsubstained excuses the same way that you do, as they already have faced the fear that you are struggling with currently, so they can easily help you get past it and move forward. After all they have done this before and their past successes motivate you to move forward.

Mentors are Trusted Advisors: In the world of business it can be hard to know who to trust and that you can trust someone, especially with proprietary information or intellectual property. Since he was an objective third party with no stake in any idea or venture, he was happy to let us know what he thought. In return we know that he would keep everything we told him confidential rather that sell it to someone else or steal an idea from us.

Mentors find ways to stimulate our Personal and Professional Growth: The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves. Usually mentor would often pose questions for mentee to think about and ask them to come back with answers later. He would also set various goals for mentee and let them loose to see if he could accomplish them on his own, all the while watching from a distance to see how these projects helped mentee to develop. He then made to point to sit down and tell him what he had observed about him through the project process, what he thought was worth keeping and definitely what he would immediately throw out. He also focused on character and values, which nurtured mentee’s personal growth as well as leadership abilities.

Mentors will Build You confidence: Anytime you start on a path towards something new, there is going to be a lot of uncertainty within yourself along the way. That is natural. Most people can overcome that uncertainty by themselves. Other can’t. This uncertainty becomes a heck of a lot easier to overcome if you have a mentor. Why? because they help to build confidence. Simple words of encouragement, an email with a little different perspective, or even just knowing that you have the support of someone in your back pocket can help build you confidence. A mentor uses different ways to boost your confidence from many different angles which you even didn’t noticed.

Mentors are free, which makes them priceless in more ways than one: Typically, a mentoring relationship will grow organically through connections within your family, Industry and Network .A mentor does not do it for the money. Instead, they are driven by the satisfaction of helping another entrepreneur, paying it forward from a similar experience that had when starting their own business.

Having a mentor is not a sign of weakness, it shows you are smart enough and are driven enough for succeed. Mentors can help you create the life and career success you want and deserve.

The Bottom Line:

A mentor can make a real difference in your career and life. Come to the relationship with realistic expectations about the role and willingness to work hard. The impact of a mentor’s guidance and wisdom now may not be felt for some years to come, but you will realize its positive impact overtime and go on to become a mentor to others. There is always someone who needs your career advice, someone who needs to know what you have already learned. Be a positive person. Help others, achieve self-esteem in the life and spread positivity among others.