Media and Communications Study Proposal

Media and Communications Study Proposal

Title of Study: Media and Communications Study.

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Learning Objectives.

  • Learn how radio stations draw their audience in through the personality of the speaker, the topics discussed, and music that is played.
  • Learn of the most effective ways to be a good spokesperson.
  • Learn of radio station topics that appeal to specific audiences, as well as personalities that appeal to certain radio stations audiences.
  • Use the concepts I learn in radio stations interviews to draw in my audience to a campus event.

Rationale for Project

  • The reason I am doing this project, is because I plan on having my own radio show in the future. While it is good to have experience of your own, it is also good to take a look at how other people run their shows, and what can be done to improve. Most importantly though, it is important to see how these spokespersons influence their audiences to either come back for more, or draw them to certain events and happenings. Moreover, it should also be a necessity to have topics discussed that appeal to the audience you are aiming at, as well as personalities for specific shows.

Description of Project

  • For this project, I will be focusing my interest on interviewing several radio stations. The interview and the following analyses will include the personality of the radio host during their shows, as well as topics they discuss during their shows, as well as music. However, since some radio stations tend to play more music than others, and some stations tend to focus more on being talk shows, I will be conducting different interview questions based off of what kind of station I am interviewing. For example; if I am interviewing a radio station that focuses more on music than talk show, than I will ask them more question pertaining to music and their station, and vice verse. Furthermore, I will incorporate what I learn in how radio influences people. And I will use these concepts learned during the first portion of my project, to attract campus students to an event that I put on in the Spring. This event *will* apply to my Senior Project/major, due to the fact that I will record what I say/how I influence others to come to my event, in relation to the past media that I will have listened to at the time during the first portion of my project. More importantly, this event will apply to my major and previous portions of the project, due that the fact that I will determine how many people show up. In turn, this will either show how well or poorly I delivered the message. After the event is finished, I will then tie everything together. I will do this by analyzing how well the event went, well in relation to the influence methods I researched and analyzed within the first portion of my project (the news station and media portion of my Senior Project).

Resources to be used

  • Portfolio
  • Journal/log
  • Dictation recorder
  • CDs and or videos
  • Time sheet
  • Sign up sheets for event
  • Powerpoint

Scholarly articles:

  • “Seeds for Success Radio Program.”
  • “Does Humor Matter? An Analysis Of How Hard News Versus Entertainment news Styles Influence Agenda-Setting Effects.”
  • “Host/Host Conversations: Analyzing Moral And Social Order In Talk On Commercial Radio.”
  • “Call-In Talk Radio: Compensation or Enrichment.”
  • Talk Radio

Radio Stations I will interview:

Proposed Time Schedule

Week 1/28/13: Research books and/or articles on how radio stations and news stations influence their audience through personality and topics covered. I will also look into the radio and news stations I want to cover and interview in the near future as well.

Week 2/4/13: Writing out planned interview questions, as well as setting up interviews for radio stations (including writing a continued log of daily activities, taking interviews, and recording interviews).

Week 2/11/13: Interview with WCGR 88.5 FM

Week 2/18/13: Interviewing World Vibe Radio One

Week 2/25/13: Tying in the concepts of what was learned through both interviews.

Week 3/4/13: Interviews with WBIG Radio, 95.9 The River, and tying in everything you have learned from all four radio station interviews.

Week 3/11/13 and 3/18/13: Drawing attention of people on campus for event through poster boards, flyers, facebook event page, and through word of mouth

Week 3/25/13: Setting up for campus event

Week 4/1/13: Continue setting up for campus event, and finalizing/tying in everything in my project this far

Week 4/8/13: Campus event

Week 4/15/13: Work on Powerpoint and Paper

Week 4/22/13: Finalizing Senior Project

Week 4/29/13: Final Preparations for Presentation

Week 5/13/13: Senior Presentation

Career Goals in relation to Senior Project: My career goals involve having my own radio show. Over the past year and few months at Concordia, I have been the manager of a radio show on campus with Ryan Sciascia. While I enjoy being a manager, I plan to take it to the next level soon by becoming the host of a Radio Show. I feel like I am not ready for that though; however, I feel like my Senior Project will prepare me for the road ahead. Through this Senior Project, I will be able to get a feel of how people run their own show, what they do to improve it as time goes on, the methods they use to draw their audience in. While I have been the manager of a radio show on campus in the past, (such as one called “The Ryan Sciascia Show”), which is a good balance of humor and serious topics, I feel like I will need to hear from many more people. As for the side of my Senior Project involving media, I will need to incorporate that into my career goals involving radio as well, showing that a radio spokesperson can have just as much influence as a person in another form of media as well. Also, as for the event portion of my Senior Project, the main purpose of it will be to see how many people come to my event. How many people show up will be based on how well I communicated the message for people to come or not.