Why is chemistry so hard? – Make studying chem easy

Here are are some of the basic reasons why many students shy away from chemistry thinking that chemistry is a very hard subject to study in college or pursue as a career subject.

After reviewing the 4 key reasons listed below you will be able to make a conclusion that chemistry is not hard and with little determination, a student can excel well in various chem careers.

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Why is chemistry so hard?

Chemistry is hard for a number of reasons. One reason is because the way molecules interact with each other varies widely, and these interactions have to be taken into account when designing a new medicine, so that it can reach its target receptor only.

A second reason why chemistry is hard is because reactions do not always work as planned or expected, and chemists have to design new reactions that yield the desired products.

A third reason is because heterogeneous and unpredictable environmental conditions can affect the way a reaction goes, such as temperature or fluctuations in humidity.

A final reason is that there are over eight million known organic compounds, and we don’t know all their properties and behaviors. As a result, chemists have to learn about the properties of these chemicals through time-consuming trial and error.

Chemistry is hard in the sense that it takes discipline, practice, logic, reasoning skills and abstract thinking abilities to carry out chemical reactions. However, basic college chemistry is easy in the sense that it’s not as complicated as analytical chemistry or organic chemistry and that its reactions follow simple laws such as the law of conservation of mass.

The basics behind any chemical reaction is to match what atoms want. Basically all you need to do is figure out how much energy something has and then release this energy by giving those atoms what they want (energy + matter). Once you give them what they want, their “desire” turns into excitement and because their electrons like moving around a lot, these excited ions start banging into other molecules which will make the chemicals go bang. This well known phenomenon is called an explosion; we know it already from firework displays or dynamite detonations. Another example for such a release of energy is the boiling of water.

As you can see, chemistry is all about energy and matter. The more you know about atoms, the easier it becomes to understand chemical reactions. It’s also worth mentioning that atoms are not always stable and they sometimes like to rearrange themselves by either gaining or losing electrons. This process is called oxidation or reduction and it’s what happens during a chemical reaction.

In conclusion, college chemistry is easy in the sense that its reactions follow simple laws but it’s hard because it takes discipline, practice, logic, reasoning skills and abstract thinking abilities to carry out these reactions. Atoms are at the heart of all chemical reactions and by understanding their behavior, we can make sense of even the most complex chemical processes. So, if you’re willing to put in the effort, college chemistry can be a fascinating subject.

Chemistry so hard for you? Here are Tips on how to make chemistry interesting subject to study?

Here are some tips to make studying chemistry easily:

  • Do not try to memorize everything. If you know the properties of atoms and what they want, this will give you a huge advantage in chemistry. In general, start from lower division classes until you feel comfortable to take on harder courses. If college chemistry is too difficult for you, maybe look into online chemistry degrees that don’t require going to lectures or doing labs at school. These programs offer introductory courses in organic synthesis and biochemistry which could be helpful if you’re planning a future in medical research or pharmaceuticals.
  • Hire an online chemistry tutor or find a study group. A little bit of chemistry assignment help can go a long way, especially when it comes to mastering complex topics like chemistry. You can hire a college chemistry homework help tutor online or look for a study group at your school.
  • Use study flashcards. Flashcards are a great way to review key concepts and they work especially well when you’re trying to learn formulas or atomic structures.
  • Make diagrams. Sometimes it’s helpful to see chemical reactions in diagram form. This can make it easier to understand how atoms interact with each other and what happens during a reaction. You can find lots of diagrams online or even create your own using Microsoft Word or Paint.
  • Take breaks! Studying for hours on end can be counterproductive, especially if you’re not really understanding what you’re reading. Make sure to take regular breaks and do something fun and relaxing in between study sessions. This will help your brain reset and you’ll be able to focus better during your next study session.
  • Take practice quizzes and exams. practice, practice, practice! Like any other skill, the more you practice chemistry problems, the better you’ll become at solving them. Try downloading practice tests or quiz questions from the internet and doing as many as possible. Not only will this help you get better at chemistry, but it will also give you a clear idea of where you stand compared to other students. This will help you see where you need more practice and it will also give you a sense of what to expect on the real test.
  • Always stay organized. Staying organized is key for any successful college student, not just those studying chemistry. Make sure you have a place for all your notes, textbooks, and other materials.
  • Talk to your professors during office hours. Professors are there to help and they usually have a little time for their students outside of lectures or labs. You can use this opportunity to ask them about anything that’s on your mind, including chemistry topics that are giving you trouble. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it! Professors and TAs are always happy to assist students who are struggling in their courses.

Remember that college chemistry can be a hard subject if you are not well equipped but with hard work and some perseverance, you can definitely succeed.

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