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CELL SONGS Using song to help students learn science is a powerful tool. Below are some songs which help students learn about cells. My research indicates that the songs should be played more than once. I give students a copy of the lyrics to glue in their science notebook. The songs are on YOUTUBE and have videos as well. On the next few pages I have included the lyrics, too. Many of my students say that they use the songs in middle school and high school biology, too. They make wonderful refreshers at that point when the students need to connect past learning with more advanced concepts. CELLS CELLS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zafJKbMPA8 CELL SONG ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rABKB5aS2Zg CELLS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZK6YP1Smbxk MITOSIS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPLTDVXCEqQ PHOTOSYNTHESIS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1_uez5WX1o CELLS CELLS Original Rap by Ms. Quitmeyer Today's the day were gonna learn about the cell If I teach it okay, you'll know it very well So listen up 6th graders- -no room left for haters- lets talk about the building blocks of life- cells that make us. Chorus: Cells, cells they're made of organelles Try to pull a fast one, the cytoplasm gels The nucleus takes over controllin' everything The party don't stop 'till the membrane blocks the scene Inside the vacuole we can float around for hours Running round with chloroplasts, lovin' sunlight showers Cells, cells, they're made of organelles First things first, there's two different types- animal and plant cells that make up all life. The little things that make up microscopic cells, The main structures- yeah, we call them organelles. Now let's break it down and get some information- How do cells work? It's a crazy combination! -Chorus- The cell membrane is the border patrol, Who can cross over? The membrane lets 'em know The gooey stuff inside, is called the cytoplasm It holds the organelles- don't worry, plasm-has 'em! In the middle of the cell you'll find the big brain, The nucleus surrounded by nuclear membrane Don't forget the vacuole filled up with water It's a basic need for life when this rap keeps getting hotter! -Chorus- The mitchondria's something every cell needs, Breaking down the food and releasin' energy. There's a place inside the cell where chemicals are stored, the squiggly golgi bodies, releasin' even more. Yo hangin' in the cell is endoplasmic reticulum, synthesizin' enzymes for respiration, and um... If you still think that this rap is whack, remember ribosomes making proteins gettin' jacked! -Chorus- Lookin at the plant cell, weird and green two more parts is all it takes you see? Cell wall knows what's up when it comes to keepin' structure Strong with cellulose, this cell can't get much tougher. C-H- L-O- R-O -- Plast, These little green machines are havin' a blast Photosythenisizing- filled with chlorophyll -they hit the cell club, runnin' up a high bill- CELL SONG Glen Wolkenfeld I went into a cell, to get out of the rain, and there was the gatekeeper, the cell membrane. I went into a cell, and what did I see, the mitochondria, it's the energy factory. I went into a cell, and said "who drives this bus" and found myself talking to the boss, the nucleus. I went into a cell, to recover from a spasm, and found myself swimming in some clear cytoplasm. I went into the nucleus to ask how to get home, and got genetic info, stored in a chromosome. I went into a cell, and stretching o' so far, was a thin and wavy network, it's called the E.R. I went into a cell, trying not to be perplexed, by the packaging and sorting in the Golgi complex. I went into a cell, and said "who makes proteins here?" and somebody responded "it's the ribosome, my dear." I went into a cell, and was feeling pretty fine, till a lysosome engulfed me, and dissolved me in enzymes. I went into a cell, and was feeling pretty nimble, till a centriole lassoed me, tying me up in a spindle. I went into a plant cell to see how trees get so tall, and all around the outside was a rigid cell wall. I went into a plant cell, "why's it so green I asked?" "'Cause I make food from sunlight," said a green chloroplast. I went into a plant cell to see how plant cells store food, when a vacuole informed me that he was the storage dude. So when you go inside a cell, remember what you see, There's over a trillion cells in both you and me. Just sing this song if you ever feel confusion, and remember active transport is the opposite of diffusion. Cells by They Might Be Giants Life is made out of cells – and cells make copies of themselves And they make copies of themselves – and they make copies of themselves Different cells have different jobs - but they all have one thing in common Inside of every cell is a twisted ladder – a recipe for life called DNA The directions are written out in the ladder’s rungs where they can be found In every cell of everything that lives A cell knows what it has to do – to grow into some moss or a shrew Algae or a kangaroo - Bug or a sunflower Dwight David Eisenhower - A frog, a fish, or you Cells are small – too small to see – but together they can make a tree Within the cell there’s a tiny spiral staircase That tells the cell just how it’s going to grow The instructions are spelled out in letters – one on every step In a language that the cell knows how to read Inside a cell is a tiny double-helix – another fancy word for DNA Which could also be a spiral stair case – which could also be A twisted ladder – which could also be a spring Which could also be a spiral stair case – which could also be A twisted ladder – or a crazy looking spring! MITOSIS This is for the kids, you know Yeah, keep this. I’m about to tell ya’ll the five steps of mitosis But not that corny way, you know.... I is for interphase is that one? the step before mitosis has begun. P’s for prophase is that two? The chromosome doubles on that’s what they do. M is for metaphase is that three? The chromosomes line up as you can see. A is for anaphase is that four? As chromosomes run away from the core. T is for telephase, is that five? Dot. Two daughter cells remain in both of our lives, Ike. Mitosis tells all my cells to divide. Each cell puts chromosomes to opposite sides and makes daughter cells that are two of a kind. two of a kind.