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What is Tutlance? is an online academic exchange website that connects you with top professional and experienced academic experts. As a marketplace, you will engage the experts directly without the intervention of Tutlance staff. To is free to post your task and receive bids from the experts.

How do I get help with my task at Tutlance?

Getting help with a project or hiring a professional is simple and fast at Tutlance. You are in charge of the entire process. Here are simple steps:

  1. Post your project/task for free – Fill in this form (provide work details plus set your deadline and budget)
  2. Wait for experts to outbid each other – Experts will send their proposals
  3. Chat with all experts and assess their prowess – We recruit top experts only
  4. Select the desired experts and agree on timelines, deliverables, and other finer details
  5. Hire the selected expert by depositing a percentage of the agreed price to Tutlance escrow
  6. Continuously engage the expert until the work is done
  7. Deposit the remaining funds to the escrow to retrieve the work
  8. Ask for any changes, if needed
  9. Finally, approve or accept the answer to release the payment to the expert.
  10. Rate your experience – Ratings help us keep the best experts only
  11. Recommend our service to other people. You can do this via sharing Tutlance URL on Facebook, Twitter, and other social medias, Word of mouth, Emailing a friend, or linking back to us ( on your website or blog.
Can I get place an order through the support chat instead of the website?

No. We are a marketplace and our staff do not fulfill any requests posted on the platform. There are there to provide technical support and ensure a smooth experience while using this service.

Is your service confidential?

Using to get your work done is 100% confidential. When posting projects for the first time, you will be asked for:

  • A username (use a username that can’t be traced back to you),

  • Name – Optional

  • Email – Ensure this is correct. Use your personal email

  • Password – Make your account secure so that no one else can access your information

When it comes to projects, you can choose your project to remain visible to guest users or upgrade your order to ensure that only registered and authenticated experts can respond to it.

Is using Tutlance Ethical or Legal?

Our experts are professionals and they offer services to students, businesses, and governments. You can only ask post a project and hire professionals only when you have attained the legal age.

Posting your project and getting help is in no way unethical or illegal. All work obtained should be cited correctly. For academic tutoring, please check with your institution before engaging our experts.

Where are you located?

Tutlance is an online marketplace with offices in United Kingdom, United States, and Canada. We experts and clients from all over the world.

Is there a refund or money back policy?

At Tutlance, you are in-control of the hiring process. We of the we have setup a dispute management system where both parties can be able to reach into an agreement and resolve any disputes. All funds deposited in Tutlance escrow are 100% refundable. An expert only gets paid when you approve a task or when you have received answers but 7 days have passed before approving the work. Refer to Money Back Guarantee Page for finer details.

How will I get my money back after a successful dispute?

Once the expert has refunded the funds, the amount will be returned to your Tutlance escrow. You are free to withdraw the funds or use the funds to pay for future requests

To withdraw the refunded funds, go to the TRANSACTIONS page and click on Withdraw button on the top right hand side next to the balances. Wait for refund to be processed in maximum of 7 business days.

How do I communicate with the experts?

You are able to chat with an expert only when they have submitted a bid/proposal to your request. To avoid fraud never allow experts to engage you outside the system. We provide zero guarantees and protection if conversations are held outside our chat system.

How can I edit, cancel, or delete my request?

You are allowed to make amendments to your only before you hire an expert.

To cancel your order, there is a delete/cancel button provided on the order.

Can I switch experts?

Since the entire hiring process in on you you can cancel an order, resolve the dispute and hire a different expert. Please note that the percentage of disputes will be shown in your new requests.

What do I do if the work is either late, plagiarized, or fails to meet my requirements?

Though it this is very rare, The best option is to engage the expert directly and present your arguments. The experts will respond and resolve the issue. If no agreement is reached, go to the question page and dispute the order.

Can I delete my client account?

Sure! If you no longer have use for services provided at, you can directly deactivate the account from your profile page.