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An Event Concept Plan: Taste of Perth Gourmet Festival

Sky Event Company

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Sky Event Company is an Australian based Event Management Company who has the team of highly skilled professionals specialized in arranging the successful events in City of Perth and its neighboring areas. The strategy of the company is to provide an unparalleled contribution to succeeding the client event. Providing the tremendous quality of the event is the prime objective of the company. Various food will present the characteristics of distinct cultures that fascinate the food admirer to taste the flavor of district countries. The purpose of the “Taste of Perth” Gourmet festival is to improve the Perth city perception as the appropriate destination where international cuisine and superior food quality is extensively accessible.

The Event Concept

The event concept is to improve the branding and advertisement of the food and facilitating extraordinary food experiences to the guests and visitors, through local and global renown food. The “Taste of Perth” Gourmet festival venue at “38 St Georges Park, Perth Western Australia” Friday, June 2 at 5pm-11pm.

Vision Statement

The vision statement of “Taste of Perth” event is to motivate and stimulate the diversified food culture among visitors belonged to various district countries and enhancing attraction for high profile culturally grounded food events.

Goals and Objectives of Event

Following are the goals of the planned gourmet event:

  • Improving and developing the marketing and promotion strategies for varies food offers in the city of Perth.
  • Finalizing the concrete information regarding food supplements and restaurant outlets and more general foods offered to visitors.
  • Representing the upgrading of hospitality talent and catering skills of various culture.
  • Enhancing the capabilities of food-related tourism and restaurant businesses and facilitating the high quality of food, globally originated typical food. Providing the food in a sustainable fun environment with reasonable price.

The objectives of this event are following:

  • To support the food businesses by introducing variety of food to the visitors in the city of Perth.
  • To remove the cultural barrier using the support of promoting the variety of food among visitors.
  • To mutually collaborate the hospitality talent and culture for performing together to obtain the strategic guide regarding food taste, production and optimization.
  • To enable the production of globally originated high food quality with affordable prices.

Event Theme and Rationale

The event theme is the representation of diversified culture using the method of exchanging typical cuisine, observe and taste the perception of international food. The rationale is to set an exclusive unique environment that reflects the interest exchange atmosphere for the multi-diversified international community to understand the food culture and ethnicity values around 7 continents of the globe.

Target Market

The event will have two types of target market:

Visitors – Mainly the continental food lovers will give preference to “Taste of Perth” Gourmet festival as the feature of representing 7 continents food restaurants and its food culture make the event appropriate to visit.

Multi-diversified Restaurants – They will be interested as they will get the chance to promote the business strategies and compete with the other food culture. The future of obtaining the opportunity of food sale will make this event suitable for the multi-diversified restaurant.

Following are the list of Restaurants:

  • French Culture: Le Chantecler Restaurant.
  • Moroccan Culture: Dar Moha Restaurant
  • Thai Culture: Le Du Restaurant
  • Indian Culture: Karim Restaurant
  • Greek Culture: Carte Postale Restaurant
  • Western USA Culture: Applebee’s Restaurant
  • Australian Culture: Friends Restaurant
  • Mexican Culture: Grill House Restaurant

The team will communicate with the target market by sending an invitation to the restaurants to participate in the food sales of event and represent their country taste. The visitors will be invited using the web event page in which all the information regarding the entrance ticket, venue, timings and activities will be conveyed.

Other Event Stakeholders

Different partnership method is explored to gather the investment with the food industry organisations through promoting their product and restaurants. For achieving the aims of the progressive event, a commitment strategy is made to engage the following stakeholders across various food sectors:

  • Sponsors
  • Exhibitors
  • Food Stalls
  • Advertisement & other restaurant Promotional banners
  • Volunteers
  • Venue Owner
  • Food Industry Organisations
  • Global Culture promoting Organisations


It is impossible to execute the successful event in the absence of a major contribution from both paid and unpaid staff. During the recruitment process, the management company is more focused about matching the required skills with the personal attributes and job description; that is the reason staff is pre-defined by the company regarding roles and responsibilities. It enables the “Sky Event Company” staff to perform exceptionally well during pressure. Following staff is reserved for “Taste of Perth” gourmet festival services:

  • Food coordinator
  • Car parking
  • Announcement and information services
  • Ticketing and entrance
  • Emergency and safety
  • Volunteers and promoters

Preparation Timelines





  • Preparation of initial budget
  • Confirmation of venue booking
  • Research the appropriate funding resources



  • Finalizing the critical path for review process
  • Briefing the staff about responsibilities

May, 17


  • Developing and planning the marketing and communication
  • Provide updates to food restaurants

May, 21


  • Research innovative ideas for visitors interest

May, 24


  • Presentation the event as the beneficial for food businesses


Risk management

  • Security risks
  • Requesting for medical and first aid facility
  • Emergency incident risks

May, 28

Funding Sources and Expenses

The sponsors, food business promotors, advertisers, local chefs, exhibitors and international restaurants will work as the funding source for “Taste of Perth” event. The food business promotors, sponsors and visitors will anticipate the major expenses of “Taste of Perth” event.

Visitors – will be contributed to the event by purchasing the entrance ticket and utilizing the food item as each item will exhibit with 25% of the cost paid for the event.

Food Business Promotors – will purchase their stall place at the event location whose cost will be allocated to the event.

Sponsors – Food related products can be advertised in the event in form of vouchers given by the volunteers to the visitors and through presenting the items on the multimedia screen, in this way the sponsors will pay to the event.

For observing the financial feasibility, the team will conduct the feasibility study of the event “Taste of Perth” that will predict the information regarding the financial outcome.

The organisation will fund the event by estimating the cost and presenting the financial report to the committee. Furthermore, the receipting and expenditure draft will be developing and the cost for stall purchasing, entrance ticket and sponsors will be pre-paid by these three important funding sources. After obtaining the funds as the pre-paid cost, the team will source the demanding resources and fund the Taste of Perth” with more feasible manner (Rowe, Rawsthorne, Scarpello & Dainty, 2010).

Operational Issues

Operational issues are necessary to incorporate as it can create big risk at the event day. The event location is based on the factors of allocated budget, number of visitors and easily accessible place. The event location will be outdoor because the existence of food stall cannot create suffocation. The evening time is selected so that the visitors can easily attend after the working hours. For venue layout, the app is developed that will guide the location using google map. The event theme relates to the food promotional gourmet festival. Security clearance is already taken from the concerned department to suppress the mismanagement disaster. The duration is kept 5pm – 11pm so that it can incorporate both refreshment and dinner time to increase the food sales of event. 2 June, Friday is selected to remove the clash with other events scheduled around the same time. The aspect of lighting has the powerful strength to transform the dull and uninteresting event to the exciting and elegant environment. The planning is to use white light focus on the food stall similar like dance floor lighting concept that catch the visitors’ attention. Spotlight will be used and lit on the entrance gate to represent the visitors be the stars of “Taste of Perth” event. The approval is required from the venue manager regarding the activity of food sales and indicate to them that there would be no dangerous activities such as fireworks. Although, the precaution will be made in case any emergency during the stove activities on food stalls. The briefing will be given to the event volunteers and certificate will be issued to them. The food poisoning, electricity issue and crowd control are the unique consideration of event that will incorporate with the support of management team. Effective relation with the staff is crucial in dealing with risk management (Yeoman, Robertson, Ali-Knight, Drummond, & McMahon-Beattie, 2012). The risk manager will ensure that individual of event performer is well-aware about the responsibilities.

Event Impacts, Legacies and Community Engagement

Following event impacts are expected from the “Taste of Perth” gourmet festival:

• Unique identification – The tactics of multicultural food marketing facilitates the development of unique identification and creating the atmosphere of sole food point, that makes the gourmet festival unforgettable memories and distinguishing the company from other competitors.

• Cultural heritage – The city of Perth is one of the oldest areas of Australia and the marketing of food culture verifies that “Taste of Perth” is notable and knowledgeable event in which international food cultural heritage respect is significant that boost up the visitors’ food experiences (Lee &Arcodia, 2011; Hu, 2010).

• The loyalty of visitors – It enables the Perth customers and food organisations to create awareness, interest and loyalty for diversified culture.

• Building the business reputation – Within food businesses, Perth is renown because of varied food choices, production, distribution and preferences so arranging the gourmet festival create the feed off for food marketing.

• Socialising – Multicultural food marketing strengthens the concept that the festival is rooted within, provides socialising opportunity and works as the supportive element for local and global food economic culture (Getz & Robinson, 2014; Sohn & Yuan, 2013).

For the creation of outstanding positive and long-term legacy, it is essential to make considerable efforts towards powerful commitment and sustainable atmospheric culture (Laing & Frost, 2010). The compilation of substantial legacy vision can prove the accomplishment of momentous benefits during the event scheduling. The company is given major concentration on the legacy as it is a prominent factor to discolor the event images. Lack of legacy can destabilize the event process of creating an appropriate positive environment that has constructive impact on food culture and in general on the international cuisines (Soare, 2016; Getz & Robinson, 2014). It is also facilitating the aspiring hosts in the event that will explain, demonstrate the food vision and cultural heritage to visitors (Evers & Hodgson, 2011; Taylor & Shanka, 2015). Stakeholders and investors will be openly and honestly explaining the appropriate benefits accompanied with the “Taste of Perth” event and the exact duration could expect for the accomplishment of required legacy. In addition, community engagement progresses the food competency and sets a unique example of innovative ideas and positive behaviors in term of diversified community involvement, socializing, atmospheric culture, food perception and healthy competition.

Post-Event Evaluation Plan

For promoting and raising the publicity of “Taste of Perth”, the event page will develop on social media that will work as the indicator of visitors’ sentiment. Moreover, the method of a hash tag will be fruitful to evaluate the mentioned comments. Although this technique exhibits with the qualitative approach, still the event responses can be evaluated in term of likes, comments, followers, share, and views. Using the real-time software for data analytics, it is easier to estimate about the event attendance. In addition, the data of a number of people visits and number of people who showed great interest and access the food items can be compared to measure the event success. The attendee experience is also another factor to recognize the event success. The result of monetary outcome will be a strong indicator of promoting the festival vision, a number of sales and leads are produced during event activities reflects the event success. Since the event release can be made on any print or social media outlet. The feedback form will circulate on the social media that is supposed to fill during the event activities on each food stall. This will cover the feedback regarding event management, food taste, satisfaction level and pleasure atmosphere. For measuring the visitors’ satisfaction, a survey will design using cloud solution after the event in which the brief and relevant questions is asked for the convenience of visitors.


In conclusion, it is necessary to mention that “Taste of Perth” will prove as the supportive event to promote the diversified culture heritage and food related businesses, the team from Sky Event company can confidently and positively confirm that “Taste of Perth” gourmet festival will be significant in raising the culture awareness and exceptional food experiences.



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