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Paragraph Writing and Organization In APA Format

Paragraph organization is vital to achieving an excellent writing. Paragraphs should be unified around a specific idea that relates to a thesis statement. A paragraph structure includes a main point called a topic sentence. The other sentences and illustrations in the paragraph support the topic sentence. Illustrations in a paragraph provide facts that connect the topic sentence to the thesis statement. The inclusion of examples helps the reader relate to the thesis statement. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence. A topic sentence contains a controlling idea which is developed in the other sentences. The topic sentence should be a complete sentence, and its main uses of a topic sentence are to orient the reader, provide a context of the paragraph, explain the relationship among elements, and summarize the rest of the paragraph. A conclusion sentence summarizes the points made in a paragraph (Ziff, 2011).

A well-written paragraph should be coherent. Coherence in a paragraph is enhanced by sticking to the point or ideas. The ideas used in the paragraph ought to be concise, clear and logical. Also, the ideas and examples used in the paragraph should relate to each other logically. Coherence is also enhanced by the use of transition words. Transition words connect sentences in a paragraph, therefore, enhancing coherence. Paragraphs may be of different types depending on the writing, for instance, narrative, persuasive, descriptive, or expository paragraphs.

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A well-written piece should be effective regarding audience and purpose. Good writing enables the audience to understand the intended meaning. Coherence and relationship between thesis statement, topic sentences and illustrations give the reader a clear understanding of the thesis statement as well as the writer’s point of view. A central idea according to the topic sentence should be consistent throughout the paragraph (Alex, 2009). A good writing keeps the reader involved and lets the reader get the meaning outright. The reader should not try to think about what the writer meant by a specific script. Therefore a good writing encourages the reader to continue reading.

My Response

I believe that the information provided in the readings makes me a better writer. The understanding of a thesis statement, topic sentence, support, and conclusion sentence enables me to write coherent paragraphs. I now know what is required of me when writing. The reading helps me understand why I should stick to a central idea when writing a paragraph. I am now able to think about my audience when I am writing. I should ensure a substantial topic sentence, coherence, perfect transition, explaining my topic sentences, support evidence, and a proper conclusive sentence.


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