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I am writing to apply for a paralegal position with the district attorney’s office. I have ten years’ experience in criminal and civil law-related fields. Hence, I have what it takes to meet the needs of your organization. Primarily, most of my work has been focusing on state regulations. However, my skills and experiences are based on criminal law. I have been offering solutions for crime control through extensive investigation on its decrease and increase. With the skills and experiences on how to control crime, my services will be of great help to your organization.

Proper understanding of the impact of both the decrease and increase of crime will enable me to offer long-term solutions to crime-related issues by using the Big Five problem mitigation method. Generally, the level of crime in the society have been on the rise (MacDonald, Fagan & Geller, 2016). In this regards, there is dire need of mitigating the crime to ensure that the fate of future of the nation is safe.

The increase in crime within the society have led to severe effects. To begin with, the economic condition of the state has remained stagnant for far too long. Specifically, cases of rape, murder, robberies, and assaults impose substantial economic costs both on the victims and their families and the government as a whole (MacDonald, Fagan & Geller, 2016). This loss is also felt directly by the community as it leads to low values of properties. Also, increase in crime has led to the increase of insurance premiums while at the same time reducing the rate of investments especially in estates that experience high crime rate. Taxpayers are also not left behind. In fact, a considerable percentage of the cost rests on the shoulder of taxpayers (MacDonald, Fagan & Geller, 2016). Every law abiding citizen is well conversant with the fact that taxpayers bear the financial cost of ensuring that all bodies that are responsible for crime mitigation are adequately maintained. These organizations include jails, police personnel, courts, and prisons. These are just but a few of the issues that with my potential, I will be able to help your organization mitigate.

Countries are developing at a faster rate, and ours should not be left behind. Notably, not unless crime rate is reduced, the progress rate will remain minimal for decades. Crime has dangerously invaded the society for years (MacDonald, Fagan & Geller, 2016). Its increase has had numerous effects in addition to the ones listed above. For instance, the organization has suffered for years due to its growth. Specifically, the community as a whole has lost a lot of money that should be used to facilitate development missions.

Instead of increasing the wages of employees, lots of money have been channeled towards the establishment of more jails. Based on a long-term study on the impacts of crime, the society pays more than twice the income of most households for the incarceration of a single intimate. This implies that money that should be invested to increase the standards of education or to increase wages of civil servants is used to ensure the safety and wellbeing of criminals.

The sting of crime increase is also felt by parents as they are forced to take charge on how their children play. In other words, the worse condition that increase of crime has put the nation is evident. Unlike early days, currently, it is unlikely for children to play alone outside due to the rise in crime rates within the society (MacDonald, Fagan & Geller, 2016). Apparently, the control of crime has called upon the contribution of parents, forcing them to incorporate alarm systems in their households to boost the security alerts. It has been so bright that the level of crime has become of great worry that gives virtually everybody unrest nights and days. The situation has made the socially undesirable. Therefore, there is need to act harder in ensuring that crime rates are reduced to minimal is not zero.

The effects of crime increase are incredibly different from the impacts of crime decrease in that, while the latter’s results are negative, the formers are positive. My service will contribute significantly is establishing a well-ordered society. A well-ordered society is one where the law is followed to the latter to the benefit of every citizen. By creating a well-ordered society, my skills will reduce the crime rate, whose effects are bearable. For instance, reduction of crime will result into the diffusion of benefits. This is to imply that people will be able to live in a crimeless society, leading to the normal development of the country. Significantly, reduction in crime reduces the level of fear among citizens. Unlike a community with high cases of crime, a crimeless society allows every member of the organization to trade freely without panicking. In this regards, most time and resources would be channeled towards development activities rather than in crime control. In this regards, parents will spare more time and resources that have been used to establish security alarms and to safeguard children as they played and used them in development missions (Stevens et al., 2013). As a result, this would increase the quality of life.

Another effect of reduction of crime is cost-effectiveness. In fact, profitability is one of the superior advantages of reduction in crime. Crime reduction means that crime has been efficiently prevented (Stevens et al., 2013). Significantly, this achievement and other resources that the government is using to fund or maintain jails, courts, and the wellbeing of criminals can now be preserved for development purposes.

Significantly, reduction in crime is also essential for the country’s economy as it supports the effectiveness of various sorts of investments. Investors consider security as a significant factor in determining the sustainability of their finances in a particular region. With the reduction in crime, workers are likely to work without being tensed to enhance their productivity. In return, this bears a lot of positive effects (Stevens et al., 2013). To begin with, reduction in crime means that the money that can be used by the investor to cater for insurance services can be used to channel more investments and create more jobs for the community. Equally, the money can also be used to boost the wages of employees and make them contribute significantly to the development of the economy. However, these benefits do not come alone. They must be championed by a skillful, concerned and committed employee. Considerably, these are some of the character traits that define my personality.

This description of the effects of the reduction and increase of crime is made efficient by my clear understanding of criminal and civil laws. Besides, I also have a better understanding of essential motions that should and how to file them in the court of law. Having been interested in working on your right from the onset of my profession, I have taken time to be well conversant with the District Attorney offices. Teamwork is a crucial drive to me. Hence, I firmly believe that I will fit in your team. Together with my experience, the team will hit the ground moving. As I enclose my resume, I am hopeful to be accepted in, in a paralegal position with the district attorney’s office. Looking forward to receiving contact from you.



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