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Business Professionals in Russia Essay


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Every country loves its economy to grow and this is why national governments around the world put up proper measures to ensure that economic stability of their countries is attained. In Russia for example, a lot of investment has been placed in the business world in order to ensure that the economy o that nation continues to flourish without any kind of disruptions whatsoever. Some of the steps in which the Russian government is putting or has put in place to ensure that businesses are conducted smoothly include the following.

  • Export and Import Regulations

The products and services imported and exported to and from Russian soil is something that the government there takes very seriously. This is because imports and exports have a high impact on the economy of a country since it tends to affect businessmen there directly. If at all the government allows the unrestricted access of imports it knows very well that it might kill the local companies and may allow flooding of fake goods which usually tend to be cheap. Also, on the other hand if the government allows heavy outflow of exports may end causing the sky rocking of prices because no investor would want to trade in the local currency. (Krugman, 2000)

  • Price control

This is something that the government of Russia regulates in order to suit and protect its citizens from being exploited and also prevent the rate of inflation from rising. Without price control the economy of a country might be affect drastically. This is because when prices of goods and services rise it is usually hard for them to drop even with government’s intervention. (Daniel, 1942)

  • Subsidization

Subsidization is the process whereby the government tends to pay partly on some goods and services in order to make the product or service in question to be affordable to the common man. For example, the government can subsidize the price of maize if it costs a lot in order for the common citizen to purchase it at a rate that is favorable for him or her. This is very important in business because if the product is too expensive for the citizens to purchase then they might get spoilt and the country might be in a crisis of starvation. Also, if no trade takes place the economy will not grow or will develop at a very small rate.

Businesses men in Russia have also taken the attempt of not mixing politics with their businesses. This is a good move because as long as businesses are mixed with the political world they tend to fall and also they move in a direction that they won’t be able to compete in the international trade, since they have grown out of favors given by their political sides. However, there are instances where it necessary for the business world to try and keep up with the political world. For example, when there is about to be a political instability, the business world will try to persuade the other party not to go down that road in order to save the economy of the country from its downfall. (Wong Zheng, 2003)

Professionalism is a unique thing in the Russian business. In order for you to work in the business you have to be qualified and have the necessary experience to conduct a business. This is because without professionalism in the field you stand a chance of losing your business in the tuff competition that takes place in the country. I believe this to be the main reason as to why the economy of Russia is growing at a lightning speed, hence qualified personnel in the business ten to speed up the rate of growth.

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In Russia, it is not only the most complicated things which are done that speed up the economy, rather also the smallest behavioral sense that does not require education. Such behaviors include unity, love, lack of tribal nature and race discrimination. This behaviors seem small a task for a common person, but believe me they hold the strong key foundation to the growth of the economy of this great nation. This is according to Berthelot. (Berthelot, 2004)


To conclude I have to say that professional business men in Russia are too many and they surely do know how to calculate their success in the world of business and mainly bring out the best of their economy. They use small building blocks such as unity until they come to professionalism and this is why their economy has grown to such great lengths.

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