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Changing My Mind: Polygamy Essay


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Polygamy is a situation where a man may get married to more than one wife. The scenario of having more than one lady craving for your attention excited me; it was this thought that made me aspire to practice it (Bennion. 29). This thought was entertained for a while, however, the truth about polygamy is that it is hard to maintain; hence it is not the right kind of marriage to have (Bennion. 31).

The practice of polygamy has been practiced in various jurisdiction around the globe; with interesting outcomes. The outcomes leaned towards a hard and complex way of life (Bennion. 59). Under such a marriage, the man suffers financial strain. Having two or more wives means more funds have to be channeled towards family upkeep. If one is not well to do then he will suffer financial difficulty (Weyermann, 41).

In a polygamy family where the homestead has many members who are eighteen years of age and above, the frequency of quarrels and conflicts rise. For example, children belonging to one of the wives may not take instructions from another lady who is not their mother (Weyermann, 61). Such conflicts may be fueled by supremacy battles that cause disharmony in the home (Weyermann, 63).

When a sad event, for example, the death of the husband in the home; matters of inheritance causes sharp divisions (Brooks, 79). It is a common scenario to see concentration moving towards who gets to inherit what; rather than first mourning the departed head of the home and resolving property sharing issues later. Assault or even fatalities have been known to occur during such a period (Brooks, 89).


Having looked at the negatives that emanate from practicing polygamy; I am of the view that it may not be the best kind of marriage for me to indulge in. It is therefore prudent to have one wife whom one works hand in hand to have a successful and functional marriage life (Brooks, 97).

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