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Sample Essay on Designing a Training Plan

Training is necessitated in an organization to avoid resistance to change, employees to acquire new skills, and prepare for future eventualities. An organization will determine the need for training after conducting an assessment on the current state and events within and outside the workplace. The most common aspect that necessitates training in various organizations globally is the advancement in technology. Due to changes in technology, employees require new skills to adapt to the innovations in technological field forcing the organizations to think of changes and training plans (Malecki & Oinas, 2017). Considering Hypothetical Tech Inc., which is a manufacturer of smartphones, personal computers, and television sets, changes in technology was the main reason organizing training for its employees. ADDIE Model, which was utilized by Hypothetical Tech Inc. has five stages including analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. In this essay, I will focus on the design stage, which involves the planning of a training program in the organization.


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Hypothetical Tech Inc. uses technology in the manufacturing department. As per the analysis, the changes and developments in technology have affected the company in the manufacturing department, which needs training for the employees to acquire the necessary skills. In the process of planning a training program, it is important for the organization to budget for the expenses incurred in the training program (Malecki & Oinas, 2017). Budget for the training program will determine the success or failure of the training program. Budget for the training program has various components including venue, equipments, facilitators’ fees, facilitators’ expenses, stationeries, training advert, handouts and catering. The training program for Hypothetical Tech Inc. will be a six-day event.

Item Cost
Venue $100
Equipments $40
Facilitators Fees (3x $80) $240
Facilitators Expenses $70
Stationery $50
Training Advert $20
Handouts (20 x $10) $200
Catering (20 x $8) $160
Total $880


The venue is the place where the training program will be conducted within or outside the organization. In most cases, the venue of the training program is chosen outside the organization, as some companies do not have enough space and facilities. The venue outside the organization requires the payment for the room or hall used in the training program. The company needs some equipment including projectors, television screens, and personal computers to be used in the training programs. Hypothetical Tech Inc. does not most of this equipment, which should be outsourced from outside organization. Facilitators are the individuals who are responsible for training the employees in the company. The company will pay the facilitators fees for the training services offered as well as the expenses. The expenses incurred by the facilitators include transport allowance and other personal expenses. Stationers are the notebooks and pens used in the training program for both the facilitators and the employees. It is the responsibility of the company to procure the stationery materials. The training advert should be placed in various places both within and outside company for the employees and interested facilitators to aware of the training program (Malecki & Oinas, 2017). Handouts are the materials, which aid the employees in understanding the contents of the training programs. It is the responsibility of the organization to budget for the handouts as per the number of employees in the training program. Catering covers food an accommodation for the employees if the training program is conducted a different venue outside the organization. Budgeting for catering will depend on the number of the employees, which in this case are twenty.


Implementation of the training program involves the procedures followed by both the employees and the facilitators during the program period. It is important for the company to avail all the equipment and materials in the venue before the training program begins (Malecki & Oinas, 2017). Both the facilitators and the employees should be briefed through interaction for them to know one another and the next steps throughout the program. Additionally, they should understand the reason for the training and the expected outcomes after the training.


Evaluation of the training program is a continuous process through the training program. The employees understanding will be evaluated during the training program and even after training while undertaking their respective duties in the manufacturing department. The aim of the training is for the employees to understand the new technology used in the manufacturing department (Malecki & Oinas, 2017). Evaluation will help in tracking the level of understanding to ensure that the goals and targets of the program are achieved. Additionally, the employees will be evaluated as per their performance after the training program.


Malecki, E. J. M., & Oinas, P. (Eds.). (2017). Making connections: technological learning and regional economic change. Taylor & Francis.

Essay on Designing a Training Plan

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