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When embarking on the journey towards completing any project, the first crucial stage is planning. Laying down your plan helps you to reach each milestone as required. Similarly, a student who intends to complete a dissertation needs to come up with a plan. A dissertation is a long piece of writing based on the research from particular topic. Masters and PhD students have to complete this useful research paper at the end of their course. The dissertation proposal is now the student’s master plan to completing the study itself. It highlights what your study entails and points out the research questions you seek to answer. It further provides background information and the methodology you purpose to adopt in your research. A perfectly written dissertation proposal should predict the results you expect from the study.

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How you write your proposal determines the quality of the final dissertation. Therefore, you should pay close attention to each of the sections you write. What are the parts that must be included in the dissertation proposal? This is a question whose answer many students seek to establish. After identifying the topic you will conduct your research on, you need a proper outline before starting to write. Your proposal can have the following parts, depending on your instructor or school;

  • Title

The title should be should short and precise, and in relation to your study

  • Abstract (optional)

Check with your institution or supervisor if you are to include this part.

  • Introduction

Introduce your research question and background of the study

  • Aims and objectives

Your objectives should be in line with your research question. To remain relevant in your study, use an average of three objectives.

  • Literature review

How does your study relate to others that have been conducted in the past? This section is rich in sources you will use for research purposes.

  • Methodology

This section shows the method you intend to use for your research, to acquire the required data.

  • Limitations

Acknowledge the presence of constraints in relation to broad issues related to your study.

  • Predicted outcome

Based on your target audience, list the results you expect once you conduct the actual research.

  • Timeline

For any project to be successful, it has to follow a given timeframe. Ensure you set a realistic one that will create ample time for writing of the dissertation.

  • Mini conclusion
  • Bibliography (list of references)

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