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What is chemical engineering?

It can be fascinating if you think about how materials such as polyester and nylon are made. Maybe you might have been curious about what makes it possible for food to stay longer. It could even be more interesting thinking about how carbon nanotubes, bionic plants, and fog harvesting can be used to improve the world around you. Well, these are just examples of topics covered in chemical engineering. 

Chemical engineering is a discipline that is applied in a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and microelectronics. Chemical engineers acquire skills to produce, process, transform and transport raw materials to specialized products. Chemical engineering utilizes technology heavily to enhance production in the laboratories.

This type of engineering is a discipline that applies knowledge in maths and sciences to produce, process, and transform raw materials and intermediate chemicals into specialized products. Chemical engineers create new manufacturing methods, processes, and safety procedures to create a safe environment when working with chemicals. Chemical engineering is applied to every product in a way. Chemical engineers make it possible to produce materials such as plastics, cleaner forms of fossil fuels, mass-produced pharmaceuticals, and genetic research. They also make products such as microelectronics, dyes, petrochemicals, drugs, fertilizers, polymers, paper, foods, and biomedical devices.

In the laboratories, chemical engineers devise various ways of converting intermediate chemicals and raw materials into useful products. They devise and design processes and products that are profitable, environmental-friendly, and energy-efficient. 

Is a chemical engineering course hard?

Chemical engineering is a technical course that can be undeniably challenging to some students. It involves extensive application of chemistry, mathematics, and other sciences. However, if you are fascinated by chemical reactions and how chemical products are produced, and comfortable with scientific requirements, then chemical engineering will be an interesting and manageable course for you. 

Educational requirements

Many people who are interested in pursuing chemical engineering are unsure about the amount of chemistry involved. A chemical engineering degree is a technical course that requires a strong background in mathematics and chemistry. Around 20% of the chemical engineering course is related to analytical and physical chemistry. Knowledge in biology and physics is also crucial, especially in specialized areas. Some background knowledge of real-world applications of chemical engineering portrays that you are passionate about pursuing a degree in chemical engineering.

Topics in chemical engineering revolve around the sciences of chemistry, biology, and physics. Chemical engineering must have a clear understanding of scientific and engineering principles and technological processes applied in chemical engineering. When pursuing a degree, some topics are reflected in the chemical engineering curriculum. They include thermodynamics, separation technologies, applied mathematics, reactor design, process design, fluid mechanics, material and energy balance, chemical reaction kinetics, qualitative analysis, energy, and mass transfer.

Is the demand for chemical engineers high?

Chemical engineers are in great demand due to the increasing number of industries that rely on the synthesis and processing of materials and chemicals. Apart from energy, oil, and chemical industries, there are increasing opportunities for chemical engineers in pharmaceuticals, environmental engineering, electronic device fabrication, and biotechnology.

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