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What is hardware engineering?

Hardware engineering can be defined as the process of designing, developing, testing, and maintaining the physical components of computer systems and networks. With the countless advancements in technology, hardware engineering has evolved to the extent of integrating embedded software engineering into computer and non-computer devices. With the continued proliferation and advancement of mobile and computer devices and the emergence of hardware trends such as 3D printing and sensors, hardware engineers are transforming and shaping modern technology.

To design and develop mobile and computer systems, hardware engineers combine expertise in engineering, electronics, and technology. They develop a wide range of components such as circuit boards, processors, microchips, and computing peripherals such as printers, routers, mice, and keyboards.

What do hardware engineers do?

Some typical day-to-day activities allocated to hardware engineers include:

  • Designing, developing, and testing hardware peripherals, components, and systems
  • They work with software engineers to program computer hardware
  • Welding tools such as frequency analyzers, circuit testers, oscilloscopes, electronic measuring probes, and analytical and scientific software solutions
  • Updating computer hardware components to ensure that they are compatible with the latest software iterations
  • Designing, developing, optimizing, and testing electronic components such as assemblies and electronic circuits
  • Drafting blueprints for computer systems using tools such as AutoCAD
  • Designing and developing non-computer devices with embedded computer systems such as in automobiles and medical devices
  • Marketing computer hardware

Education Requirements

Computer hardware engineering is a technical field that requires a strong background in mathematics, physics, and computer studies. In some institutions, hardware engineering is offered as a specialization course for students pursuing computer science, Information Technology, or electrical and electronics engineering. 

The hardware engineering industry is a competitive field that requires a bachelor’s degree in either computer science, electrical engineering, computer engineering, or other electronic/hardware related courses. Highly specialized roles require a master’s or other advanced degrees. They also require the engineers to have a comprehensive understanding of digital circuits, electronics engineering, application development, systems and software engineering, computer testing and quality assurance, advanced logic and arithmetic skills, and 2D/3D drafting. Also, they require additional skills in:

Key hard skills

Aspiring hardware engineers should also develop “hard” and “soft” skills to succeed in the competitive industry. “Soft” skills include critical thinking, effective written communication to help them draft project reports, and creative problem-solving. They also require skills in professional development, project management, organization, and leadership skills. 

To perform tasks effectively and efficiently, especially when working with software and system engineers, hardware engineers require adequate knowledge in programming languages such as C, C++, Python, Object-oriented programming, Assembly, Verilog, Java, and board design and engineering skills. 

Is the demand for hardware engineers high?

Job opportunities for hardware engineers are projected to increase by more than 6% over the next decade. Currently, the demand for hardware engineers is quite high and it’s still increasing. This is fuelled by:

  • The increasing demand for computer components and devices
  • The limited number of hardware engineers
  • The increasing number of hardware start-up firms
  • The increasing demand for chips embedded in non-computer devices and components such as automobiles, medical devices, and household appliances
  • The growing number of electronic production and manufacturing firms

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