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Should I study industrial engineering?

Have you wondered who is behind the phone that fits perfectly into your pocket and why it has high processing power and doesn’t overheat or explode? Have you ever thought about why a plane can’t burst into flames while flying? Who will you call when a company’s product malfunctions? These are just some examples of what industrial engineers do. 

Industrial engineering is a discipline that deals with the processing, designing, and production of devices, equipment, and facilities. Industrial engineers apply knowledge of physics, mathematics, and social sciences to analyze, design, and predict the final results and to improve processes. 

What does an industrial engineer do?

Industrial engineers work in processes and various stages of production. For instance, they may design new facilities or reconfigure, expand, or upgrade the existing ones. Industrial engineers design new processes, fixtures, and tools and repurpose the existing equipment and facilities. However, they should have adequate knowledge to work with various tools, equipment, materials, and processes to design efficient equipment, facilities, and systems that adhere to environmental and safety standards. Other tasks performed by industrial engineers include:

  • Planning operations and production
  • Handling materials
  • Scheduling operations and logistics
  • Ensuring that health and safety protection is ensured throughout the workplace
  • Analyzing production, processes, and business systems

Why study Industrial Engineering?

There are various reasons why you should pursue a degree or masters in industrial engineering. They include:

  • You will always be innovating new tools – as technology evolves, the need for innovation increases. New tools and equipment have to be designed to keep up with the advancing technology. As an industrial engineer, you will play an important role in the dynamic field.
  • It’s a flexible course – industrial engineering provides various angles of approach and different solutions to perform various tasks. 
  • Industrial engineering is a marketable course – As technology evolves, the demand for industrial engineers increases. Look around and admire what the engineers have designed – your laptop, your plate, your phone: they all need a proper design and industrial engineering pops in. There is a large number of industries that provide job opportunities for industrial engineering graduates. So where is the demand for industrial engineers highest?

Where is the demand for industrial engineers highest?

In today’s economy, securing a job can be a tough endeavor, especially if you haven’t mastered the trick on what is required in the job market. However, with an industrial engineering degree, securing a job opportunity becomes simpler. The popularity and high demand for industrial engineers are fueled by the fact that they can work in both managerial and technical positions. Some of the industries that are continuously hiring these engineers include:

  • Logistics provides
  • Manufacturing firms
  • Service industries
  • Research and development firms
  • Consulting and engineering services
  • Telecommunication and information technology firms

Educational requirements

Industrial engineering is a technical subject and most institutions emphasize that students should have a strong background in physics, mathematics, social sciences, and other sciences such as chemistry. Applicants should also possess skills in technology. As technology evolves, industrial engineers should update their skills regularly.

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