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Who is a Marine Engineer?

Marine engineering is a specialized field that deals with the designing, development, and maintenance of surface and subsurface structures and seagoing vessels such as boats and ships, including oil, electrical, propulsion, and environmental systems and cruise ships. Marine engineers also design tools used in ocean research. Marine engineering is an interdisciplinary field made up of a combination of other engineering disciplines such as software, electrical, chemical, civil, acoustic, materials, electronics, electrical, hardware, and mechanical engineering. The engineers are also referred to as ocean engineers, naval architects, and naval engineers

The sea is one of the most demanding environments on Earth. Designing and constructing structures that can withstand strong waves and ocean currents, strong winds, and excessive salt exposure requires special skills and expertise. 

In the modern world, oceans are plied with cargo and oil ships which are huge and amazingly designed. Have you ever thought about going on vacation on a cruiser? Have you ever seen how a ship can carry cargo and 5000 people without sinking? Marine engineers perform complex and challenging tasks to assure the safety of the crews, cargo, and passengers. 

What are the requirements to become a Marine Engineer?

Most institutions require a strong background in arts, physics, chemistry, environmental and earth sciences, and mathematics for those applying for a degree in marine engineering. Although most universities and colleges offer marine engineering degrees at an undergraduate level, some institutions specialize in this field. It’s also offered at a post-graduate level to electrical, electronics, civil, materials, mechanical, and software engineering graduates. Marine engineering engineers are involved in the design, development, and maintenance of power plants and shipboard environmental and electrical systems hence you will take courses in power production, fluid dynamics and mechanics, and electrical engineering. 

A comprehensive study in naval architecture will be included when pursuing a master’s degree in marine engineering. The complexity in involving when designing, developing, and operating large-scale systems requires professionalism, experience, accuracy, and high-level expertise in marine engineering. 

Is Marine Engineering course the right career path for you?

Just like other engineering fields, marine engineering requires a deeper understanding of sciences and mathematics. Pursuing a degree in marine engineering requires serious commitment and hard work. Being a technical course doesn’t mean it will be a challenging career. Won’t it be fascinating applying engineering techniques to harness the power of the sea? 

Not all engineers will be working in an office setting. If you are captivated by the sea and ships, then marine engineering the profession you should pursue. 

Career Prospects for Marine Engineers

Marine engineering is one of the most marketable courses in the world. There are unlimited opportunities in this discipline for marine engineers, naval architects, and ocean engineers in government agencies, research institutions, private, and corporate sectors. The engineers are required anywhere where navigation and ships are involved. Their main responsibilities are to design, develop, and maintain the shipboards electrical and power systems, and the engine room. 

There are also other job opportunities for marine engineers in other fields such as remote sensing, marine transportation, offshore oil recovery, environmental protection, defense agencies, marine metals and corrosion, global climate monitoring, and the development of underwater vehicles.

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