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What is mining engineering?

Mining engineering is a field that deals with the extraction of natural resources from the Earth’s surface and processing them into useful products whilst having an insignificant impact on the environment. The engineers should have a comprehensive understanding of different extraction methods and how various mining systems are integrated to meet the demand for certain minerals. For instance, mining engineers can work with petroleum engineers to make the extraction and refining of oil more efficient. 

Education requirements

Mining engineering is a multidisciplinary discipline that requires a strong background in mathematics, economics, chemistry, mathematics, geology, and environmental sciences. In the job market, mining engineering graduates are required to have a comprehensive understanding of the exploration and production of mineral processes, mineral processing, geomechanics, mineral planning, and ventilation, geotechnical engineering, and excavation design. Apart from technical mining skills, mining engineering courses also equip the learner with knowledge in environmental and management skills. This helps them manage projects and to devise accurate cost estimates. 

At a postgraduate level, mining engineering is offered to graduates of disciplines such as geology, economics, petroleum, mechanical, metallurgy, and civil engineering. 

What do mining engineers do?

Designing ventilation systems for underground mines, determining the viability of mining an ore deposit, supervising mining work at an open-pit site, or doing research on new extraction methods are some of the tasks performed by mining engineers. 

Mining engineers supervise the construction of mining structures, design underground, and open-pit mines, plan the production and transportation of minerals from the mines to processing plants, and prepare project reports. They also assess the characteristics of a mining site to determine which equipment, processes, and structures that will be used to perform mining operations. Mining engineers ensure that mine operations are conducted in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner. The engineers should apply their expertise in water and air pollution, sustainability, and land reclamation to alleviate the impact of mining operations on the environment. 

Mining engineers work in sites with minerals such as coal, diamonds, oil, gold, metal ores, and industrial minerals such as limestone, clays, and granites. A degree equips the engineers with adequate knowledge and expertise to work on different minerals and enables them to devise new and more efficient ways to access the minerals. 

Apart from working in sites, mining engineers also work in research centers doing more research on rock mechanics, mineral processing, and analytical mineralogy. 

Is the demand for mining engineers high in the job market?

The geological and mining engineering sector is showing an upward projection and a 12% increase in jobs is expected by 2022. The rising demand for rare minerals for use in electronics manufacturing, coal, building stones, and petroleum products is fuelling the demand for mining engineers. Mining safety is a specialization area with high demand in the job market. Currently, the demand for engineers is highest in oil production and refining firms, coal extraction companies, firms that deal with the extraction of minerals such as metal ores, gold, and diamond, and industrial minerals such as limestone and granite.

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