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4 reasons why you should become a petroleum engineer

Petroleum engineering is an important field that ensures that the extraction of gas and oil is done in an efficient, affordable, and safe way. The engineers are involved in all stages of field evaluation and oil and gas production. For instance, they can resolve operating problems, design new drilling tools and techniques, and drill hydrocarbons efficiently. Also, they are supposed to devise environmentally-friendly drilling techniques.

Types of petroleum engineers

Petroleum engineers are categorized into various groups such as:

  • Petroleum geologists analyze subsurface structures using geophysical and geological methods to find hydrocarbons.
  • Reservoir engineers enhance oil and gas production by using advanced oil recovery methods. They use computer simulations extensively to create forecasts on the potential of a reservoir and identify any potential risks.
  • Drilling engineersmanage technical features of drilling of both injection and production wells. They work alongside contractors, drilling teams, other engineers, and scientists.
  • Production engineers perform tasks like downhole monitoring equipment, artificial airlift, downhole flow control, perforations, and sand control to manage the interface between the well and the reservoir.

Where do petroleum engineers work?

Petroleum engineers work in oil and gas extraction, provide support activities in the mining sector, and offer engineering and architectural services. They are also in the manufacture of coal and petroleum products.

The engineers spend most of their in drilling sites, laboratories, and offices. On some occasions, they may work for extended periods, especially when there is a lot of traveling.

What are the educational requirements for petroleum engineering?

When applying for a degree in petroleum engineering, a strong background in mathematics, physics, and chemistry is required. In some institutions, it’s offered at a post-graduate level and requires an undergraduate degree in either earth sciences, mechanical, civil, or chemical engineering.

4 reasons why you should become a petroleum engineer

  • Energy will always be required throughout the world: Petroleum engineers locate, monitor, and manage oil and gas production and supplies. They utilize cutting-edge technologies to enhance the processes of discovering, drilling, and refining oil.
  • You help in safeguarding the environment: Petroleum engineers help in devising better energy production methods that are environmentally-friendly. They devise oil production techniques that safeguard the environment, minimize the carbon emissions from drilling and oil refineries, and help in fighting climate change.
  • You want to have an impact in the world: It can be pleasing and motivating to find out that the job you are doing is important to the economy. Petroleum engineers ensure that all processes of oil and gas production, from drilling to refining are safe for the environment, people, and wildlife. They ensure that oil drilling processes are efficient and cost-effective. Also, petroleum engineers ensure that oil production methods are compliant with safety, environmental, and industry standards. Apart from being needed for heat and fuel, oil is also used as a raw material in the production of bubble gum, plastics, nylon, spandex, rubber, paints, cosmetics, perfumes, pharmaceutical drugs, and detergents.
  • It is a marketable career: Despite being affected by economic conditions, the oil output is expected to continue rising globally. As the demand for gas, petroleum, and petroleum products increases, and the pressure to produce and refine more oil increases, more job opportunities for petroleum engineers are popping out. 


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