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3 reasons why you should study robotics engineering

Robots have evolved from science fiction to the real world. Imagine harvesting using robots or using robotics machines such as Atlas and Boston Dynamic Spot mini for parkour. Robotic engineers work tirelessly to come up with these innovative machines. Robotics plays an important role in the modern world and they are rapidly changing the future of making things. So what is robotics and what are the requirements for one to become a robotics engineer?

What is robotics engineering?

Robotics is a combination of science and engineering aspects such as computer science, electrical, and mechanical engineering to design, create, test, and operate robots. Robots are mechanical devices programmed to follow a set of instructions to perform a particular task. As technology advances, the demand for robotics also increases. Robots can be found in almost all industries. For example, they can be found in automotive factories assembling cars, in farms performing harvesting, in hotels, and healthcare facilities, among others. 

3 reasons why you should study robotics

  • Plenty of Opportunities

As technology advances, the demand for robots increases. Robotics has plenty of opportunities and you will not miss a lot of job openings by the time you graduate. Furthermore, it’s a discipline with many specialization areas which means that new opportunities will keep popping out. Currently, almost every industry needs robots as each industry tries to automate their processes. For instance, robotics is required in computing, medicine, automotive industry, military, transport, agriculture, telecommunication, among other sectors. 

  • Extremely Creative 

Robotics elevates one’s creativity and increases the desire to innovate. As technology advances, new scientific innovations are introduced. Robotics creates room for creative thinking and increases your capability to come up with innovative designs in this field. 

  • It is Fun!

Robotics simplifies technology that could have been hard to visualize. Isn’t it fascinating to design robots that solve real-life problems? Robotics is a field that is fun to work on and gets more interesting as one goes deeper. 

What do robotics engineers do?

Robotic engineers spend long hours in an office setting designing and simulating robot designs using the Computer-Aided Design software. Designing and testing simulations in a CAD space simplifies the development cycle. This is because you have a clear picture of how the robot should look like and how it should work. 

In specialized fields, robotics engineers perform different tasks. For example, there are those responsible for the assembly of the robots, while there are others who program and test them. Some day-to-day tasks performed by robotics engineers include:

  • Designing software for robotic systems
  • Developing automation solutions for small-scale and large-scale manufacturing plants]
  • Writing complex machine learn algorithms to create robots with artificial intelligence
  • Designing, developing, and testing simulations and robots
  • Performing extensive research on innovations in robotics and how to enhance the design and functionality of robots

Education and Training Requirements

In most institutions, robotics engineering is offered at a post-graduate level and require an engineering degree to enter this field. However, it’s offered to students who have not pursued an engineering degree in some colleges and universities. Since it combines different engineering fields, engineers specialize in robotics mostly have degrees in computer science, electrical, electronics, manufacturing, and industrial engineering. This course emphasizes that applicants should have a strong background in physics, electronics, chemistry, and mathematics. Knowledge in computing is also beneficial. 

During training, students will be thoroughly taken through CAD/CAM systems, integrated systems, logical circuits, hydraulics and pneumatics, microprocessors, lasers, and numerically controlled systems. Students should update their skills regularly to keep up with the evolving technology. 

Some specialized fields of robotics engineering include:

  • Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Micro-Robotics
  • Design and Control
  • Signal processing
  • Bio-Cybernetics
  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing
  • Medical Robotics
  • Computational Geometry
  • Air Traffic Management Systems
  • Robotics Motion Planning
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing System
  • Robot manipulators
  • Micro-Processors and Digital Electronics

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