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What is structural engineering?

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Structural engineering is the design and analysis of structures such as dams, bridges, buildings, towers, retaining walls, marine structures, and other infrastructure. It involves the extensive application of physics and mathematics to construction materials such as stone, concrete, timber, steel, and grass and innovative materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, and polymers. Structures constructed should be economical, durable, safe, and serviceable. 

Education requirements

In most institutions, structural engineering is offered at a post-graduate level. It’s most offered as a specialization course to students who have pursued civil engineering. However, the course is also offered to non-civil engineering students in colleges and vocational training institutions. However, students should have good grades in mathematics and physics

What do structural engineers do? 

Structural engineers perform a wide range of tasks. For instance, they are involved in the construction and renovation of a building. They also add a significant expansion to a building or even add more floors. Professionalism, accuracy, and care are required when working on a project. If a structure such as a building is poorly constructed, the possibility of partial or extensive collapsing of a structure is high. 

When there is damage to a structure due to corrosion, wear, and tear, fire, or environmental factors such as earthquakes and strong winds, structural engineers are brought on board. When they are called to inspect a structure, structural engineers assess the structure and determine the structural integrity, potential concerns that pose a threat to the public’s safety, recommend repairs that can be applied to restore the structure to a better condition to accommodate the applied loads. 

Where do structural engineers work?

Structural engineers can work in different environments either as contractors, employees, or consultants. Consultants spend long hours in an office environment developing plans, generating reports, and managing projects. On most occasions, these engineers are forced to work overtime, especially when working on projects with pressing deadlines. However, they visit construction sites occasionally.

Unlike consultants, contractors spend most of their working time on construction sites. They closely supervise projects, handle the engineering aspects of the projects, and manage construction teams. Contractors oversee all activities on-site to ensure that the structural designs are implemented in the desired way. 

Structures have different requirements, challenges, and design aspects. Structural engineers mostly specialize in specific industries. Some of the industries that structural engineers specialize in include:

  • Airports
  • Buildings
  • Marine and coastal structures
  • Tunnels
  • Bridges and waterways
  • Airports
  • Water and public health structures
  • Energy and power plants
  • Railways

What’s the difference between an architect and a structural engineer?

Structural engineers and architects perform different tasks. Architects concentrate on designing the building. For instance, if the aesthetics of a residential building are pleasing and the interior is spacious, attractive, and comfortable, the architect came up with a good design. A structural engineer works on the stability of a structure under various loading conditions. For instance, if the structure remains safe, intact, and comfortable to the occupants regardless of how much snow is on the roof or how windy it is outside, then the structural engineer did a good job.

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