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What is engineering technology?

Engineering management is a discipline that combines engineering techniques with technological expertise to perform engineering tasks in a wide range of industries. They work with other engineers to create new technologies and to improve existing processes. From overseeing energy systems to transportation systems to infrastructure networks, engineering technologists play an important role in the modern world. They also design prototypes, develop and simulate processes using Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) software, collect data regarding a certain project, set up equipment, and conduct experiments. 

Where do job opportunities in engineering technology lie?

Job opportunities for engineering technologies vary depending on the area of specialization. They can work in a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, and environmental technology. 

Besides, they can work in mechanical, civil, electrical, and chemical engineering projects. They can also work in nuclear, biomedical, microelectronics, industrial, nanotechnology, computer, energy, automotive, and agricultural industries. 

What tasks can skilled engineering technologists work in?

The demand for skilled and experienced technologies is rising in the job market. Skilled workers work with other engineers to build and repair roads, create pollution control systems, and improve transportation networks. In the industrial and manufacturing sector, the technologists analyze the performance of processes and help other engineers to devise better ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes. In the environmental technology field, they ensure that firms and companies employ cleaner technologies that comply with environmental regulations.

What are the differences between engineering and engineering technology?

The distinction between engineering and engineering technology comes from the differences in careers and educational programs. For instance, engineering applies theoretical, economic, and scientific knowledge to research, plan, design, and develop devices, systems, and structures.

Engineering technology involves the designing, development, and implementation of technology and engineering components and practices. 

Some key differences between engineering and engineering management include:


Engineering Technology

Educational programs

It follows a theoretical learning style

It follows an applied learning style

It involves the development of new design and methods to solve complex challenges

It involves the application and implementation of various practices to solve specific real-world technical challenges

Coursework contains semesters of linear algebra, statistics, calculus, and calculus-based courses

Coursework includes various semesters of statistics, calculus, and algebra-based courses


They mainly specialize in engineering aspects

They major in technological aspects

Engineers are innovators

They are implementers

They mainly concentrate on researching, designing, and developing

They focus on constructing, testing, and managing 

Educational requirements

In most institutions, those aspiring to pursue college engineering technology require a strong background in mathematics and sciences. Unlike other engineering courses, engineering technology mainly focuses on applied science, practical mathematics, engineering, and technological practices. Engineering technology graduates can work in areas such as program management, manufacturing, product development, sales, product assurance, and sales. 

Pursuing a master’s degree prepares professionals to perform and supervise complex tasks and enables technologists to adapt to the changing engineering landscape. To stand out in the job market, engineering technologists should possess adequate practical skills and knowledge in their areas of specialization. They can either specialize in physical, plant, and laboratory spaces. 

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