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What is transportation engineering?

Transportation engineering is a branch of civil engineering that deals with the application of scientific and technological practices to plan, design, build, and manage infrastructure, traffic, mobility services, and travels using various forms of transport to make the movement of people and goods comfortable, environmentally sustainable, convenient, economical, safe, and efficient. 

The provision of good infrastructure improves the quality of life. Transportation engineers plan, design, operate and maintain transportation systems such as roads, waterways, railways, and intermodal operations. They also design and construct structures such as dams, levees, highways, waste disposal, and water treatment plants, bridges, buildings, and other structures. These structures are typically expensive and complex. 

Currently, the challenges in the transportation sectors include unchecked urban sprawl, inefficient movement of goods, traffic congestions, road safety problems, longer commuter distances, motorized vehicle emissions related to energy consumptions, systemic neglect of cyclist and pedestrian needs, and limited access to public transportation. These problems create job opportunities for transportation engineers who are capable of devising, designing, and implementing innovative solutions to address these challenges. 

What do transportation engineers do?

Transport engineers design transport systems such as bridges, highways, railways, and airports. They collect and analyze data, identify the challenges, and devise innovative solutions that can solve these problems. Solving complex challenges in the transportation sector requires the collection of data and assessment of transport systems, costs, traffic flow, and accident statistics. In complex projects, the engineers collaborate with other parties such as government agencies and utility companies. 

To perform various tasks, transportation engineers combine their transportation expertise with knowledge from other disciplines such as computer programming to create prototypes and simulations, physics, mathematics, economics, among others. They use cutting-edge technologies to create intelligent transportation systems and include the use of video cameras and sensors to collect and manage traffic on the roads. Also, they analyze data collected by intelligent transportation systems and use communication systems to relay real-time information about traffic conditions to the road users. 

Transportation planning

Transportation engineers plan and oversee all transportation engineering projects, create models and forecasts, and address any environmental concerns that may arise. Transportation planning is an important step in small, medium, and large projects. Some transportation planning services include:

  • Planning public transits, street, and road networks
  • Creating regional-level, master-level, and advanced-level plans
  • Planning bicycle and pedestrian networks
  • Performing cost-benefit and travel demand impact analysis
  • Planning and analyzing the demand for parking lots, especially in urban areas
  • Performing travel surveys

What Is the Job Demand for Transportation Engineers?

The job demand for transportation engineers has been increasing and a 20 percent projection is expected over the next decade. The aging infrastructure and growing population create new opportunities for the engineers to repair and create new transportation systems. Traffic, especially in urban regions and busy highways, needs to be controlled which fuels the demand for engineers. Besides, the increasing interest in discovering and proliferating energy and mineral resources will require new transportation systems creating opportunities for skilled engineers. 

What are the educational requirements?

In most institutions, transportation engineering is offered as a specialization field to civil engineering graduates. The course is quite demanding and requires a strong background in mathematics, physics, and technology. 

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