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How to make math homework fun

How to make math homework fun

Math homework is one of the most feared academic assignment by over 60% of students in all academic levels. I still remember writing my first math homework back in elementary school. I was so confused with the problem and couldn’t understand what to do. At that time, I learned not be afraid of math by helping other students around them who are busy doing their own homework.

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Many online math tutors love helping people more than having fun doing my own homework despite the fact that most students have an already-set mentality that math is difficult.

Here are some ways you can make your math homework fun and even help others while solving them:

Change your mindset: Our mindset has a very big influence on what we can like or hate. The first thing you need to do is to change your perception that math is difficult or math homework is a boring activity to engage in.

You could ask yourself and answer why you feel that way? For example:

  • Are you feeling bored when math homework is given to us, or do we just think it’s a boring activity not because it’s difficult.

Do you know many students who love doing their homework while enjoying it than they are taught about the most dreaded subject in school? They are like me! This is because I have changed my perception of math from being ‘difficult’ to ‘easy and fun’. It made me enjoy learning and engaging in solving problems related to mathematics.

Then, the next thing to do is finding ways how can one engage in solving math problems without any fear of struggle so that our minds will be focused on the logic behind each step of the problem.

Find a creative way to solve the problem: Every math problem has its logic and in solving it, you just need to focus on finding that logic while being creative enough to come up with an accurate solution. You can either use your own creativity or using other ways listed below:

Also, make sure that your approach into solving math problems are clear and easier for others to follow because this will help them understand how to do their own homework easily.

Give examples to illustrate the point: Different students have different levels of understanding. For some students who find doing their math homework difficult , they might not be able to even think about what’s fun in doing such activity while for others it is enjoyable as long as they knew how to make them fun.

Motivate yourself by sharing your math skills: Show off your new trick or your ability to solve all problems using one method, see how amazed they will be especially if the solution is very unique (but not always possible). When they get amazed with your solutions show them how it’s done step-by-step so they will understand how you got there.

After solving any math problem, try to share it online or even offline to others who might find brainstorming hard while doing their homework since they are not used to it . This gives other students a sense of belonging knowing that there are people out there just like them who also find math challenging but still manage to do it well enough.

Find homework partners: Solve the homework together with your friends, check each other and help each other. It’s always fun working on projects together (even if it’s a math homework). After you finish the assignment check if everything was done correctly before submitting them to your teacher.

Teach others how to solve similar problems: Most people don’t know what method to use or where to start when doing their math homework especially when it comes to solving word problems that involve distance, time, speed, acceleration or general algebra formulas such as quadratic equations (solving by factoring) from which students usually get stuck for some reason. This way of solving can be very useful real life situations.

Ask for help from family and friends: Try to get help from a friend or parent who is also good at math, this might be helpful especially when you have a hard time solving it on your own. It is always good to seek advice from those who are older than you, especially in a case of explaining math problems that have been given by your teacher. It will help build up your confidence and at the same time enjoy doing your homework more.

The best way to make your math homework fun is by getting interested in the subject and finding how how it will help you solve real life problems in the future so it will no longer be viewed as an unnecessary obstacle that stands between you and having some fun after class.

However, if you are still struggling with some assignments , try asking your teacher for extensions which most teachers give due to heavy workload. If not, talk to one of your friends and ask them to prepare something about what’s going on in class (a summary) so you can spend more time working on assignments.

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