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Why is math important?

why is math important?

“Math is a core subject that every student must study. Every academic level has some form of math being studied which tells us how important mathematics is as a subject.

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In this article, we will investigate why math is so important in various stages of life.

Math is important because it teaches students how to think in a logical, step-by-step fashion. And even more importantly, math is the only subject that requires no knowledge of any previous ideas or concepts in order to be understood and mastered; math should not be shortened or simplified.

5 reasons why math is important in life

  1. It relies on logic and reasoning. Math is based upon logical sequences and steps, not on memorization or the use of tricks. It relies on deducing relationships among quantities from basic definitions and postulates.
  2. Math can be used to solve many real-life problems (e.g., compound interest). Warren Buffett has become famous for his financial savvy, successfully earning millions in the stock market by using math to make well-timed investments over time.
  3. Math teaches us how to think without relying on others’ ideas or getting help from a textbook
  4. Algebra teaches us that being stuck in an unknown situation doesn’t mean that we will never know the answer; we must simply continue to work through the problem until we reach a suitable conclusion. Being stuck is not an excuse for giving up.
  5. Math is used in many other subjects, like Science (measurement and estimation), History (calendars), and even everyday life (bills, budgets). It helps us think analytically about things around us that we take for granted. Because of this, it can be thought of as “applied logic”.

What are the simplest reasons why math is important with examples? 

  • Geometry – For example: You need to measure something or calculate an area/perimeter. How do you do it without a calculator?
  • Trigonometry – For example: You need to calculate the area of a triangle or roof. How do you do it without a calculator?
  • Calculus – For example: If you want to know how much something will be worth in 20 years, what are some shortcuts to figure out how much it will be worth today? Or if an object is moving at 30k/s and increasing at 10k/s, but slowing down by 1k/s every second because of friction, what is its velocity going to be after 5 seconds?

Math is important in learning other subjects

  1. Computer Science: Math is a key part of computer science and programming. Without math skills, it is impossible to write efficient code for any sophisticated program.
  2. Economics: It’s hard to get a job in economics without strong math skills. If you want to know how the economy will react in order to forecast stock prices, you need advanced statistical methods and calculus tools; otherwise your work would be very sloppy or even completely useless. Furthermore, if you are analyzing trends on Wall Street or planning long-term strategies about pension funds, you’ll need complex mathematical models for forecasting economic variables.
  3. Statistics: You can’t analyze data properly unless you have mathematically sound reasoning (and not just some intuition). Statistics often require complicated statistical methods, such as Monte Carlo simulation and vector calculus.
  4. Finance: In the financial sector, you need math to analyze supply and demand for basic goods or risk management of banks’ portfolios (e.g., analyzing correlations among stocks). You also need advanced mathematics for arbitrage trading and efficient portfolio allocation strategies.
  5. Engineering: Engineering can be applied both literally and figuratively; mathematically it is known as engineering science which relies heavily on mathematical modeling in order to solve real-world problems. It covers all fields of engineering from civil engineers that design buildings through electrical/computer engineers that design microprocessors to mechanical engineers designing cars/boats/machines etc…
  6. Business: Mathematics is used in business to maximize profits and attain the best products. It’s necessary to conduct market analysis, optimize supply chains and so on.

Why is math important in the workplace?

The same mental math skills that power your ability to speed-multiply or -add also help you make decisions on the job. According to Stanislas Dehaene, a professor at the Collège de France and the author of “The Number Sense,” performance problems begin when people’s sense of numbers is no longer strong enough for complex tasks such as moderately difficult mental arithmetic and solving Sudoku puzzles.

Math is an important skill in all occupations including business, finance, education, science/engineering and beyond. Especially today where many calculators exist making math so easy everyone will need it eventually just with some limitations. Math offers us power we may not have without it!

While calculators can tell us the answer to a math problem, it takes someone knowledgeable in mathematics to ask the right questions.

Mathematics provides a common language that allows us to communicate what we know about the world.

This is crucial when you are trying to describe an unknown quantity (the circumference of a circle or set of coordinates on a map) as well as when you need to understand quantities derived from others (an insurance premium calculated using age and body mass index).

If you were not skilled in basic math operations, how would you determine if your monthly income was enough for groceries, rent, utilities and transportation? If an investor used mathematical calculations instead of gut feel they could save thousands! They might ask themselves: What return could I get with this investment? Would $1 invested this way in the past grow to more than $2 today? They might also check back with their past records to find similar investment opportunities and compare them.

Without math, there would be no way of knowing exactly how much money a household brings in or if it could pay its bills on time each month; inventories would pile up at warehouses, where they’d decay unnoticed until someone needed an item; buildings would fall apart for lack of regular maintenance due to improper calculations. Math is truly a language that allows us to communicate our knowledge about the world around us!

Employers take notice when you have math skills especially if it is not your major area of study because these skills may suggest that you can learn new things and are effective problem solvers.

Why is math so important in everyday life?

Mathematics is so important in our everyday lives because it gives us the power to quantify, measure, and reason that we need to grow. Without mathematics could we determine rates of repetition or compare word usage from one text to another? Could we spot errors in the world around us? You betcha! Mathematics is so fundamental for every discipline and occupation that most people encounter at least some mathematical knowledge during their daily life if not working in a math-related field.

Math allows us to see patterns. That’s why ‘Pi’ pops up everywhere: on pies; with measurements of wine; and even when figuring out how much interest accumulates over time with compound annual growth rates (or as I like to call it BAM). Math can be used to predict and also to explain. If you know how many people go through the turnstile at a baseball game and you know how much money was collected from ticket sales, then without even being there or seeing any other numbers you can make a reasonable guess about how much profit was made in different sections of the stadium.

Math is not just useful for calculating profits though. Maybe your city offers subsidies for low-income families to use public transit. You need to figure out which sections of town have the highest populations of poor families who don’t have cars so that they can receive proper representation in service planning decisions. Calculating census data is a perfect example of using math in a very practical way in order to achieve fairness and equality.

Math allows us to communicate and compare ideas. Think about it: how can you complete a test with your classmates if you don’t have words to describe the weight of an object, or a color, or distance? If there is no formal language for comparing things we wouldn’t have science, history, engineering…we would be lost! Everyday we are comparing data visually such as temperature on the Fahrenheit scale versus Celsius or miles per gallon in our cars.

We use math every time we write checks at the grocery store. We rely on math when we’re doing long division and making sure that our checking account balance adds up correctly at the end of each month.

When figuring out what kind of insurance coverage we need for our car and home, we use math to calculate risk. Even when we’re counting our pennies for the next grocery run, we are using mathematical concepts of addition and subtraction.

There is a lot more I could say about why mathematics is so important in everyday life.

Trigonometry: how would you make your way around a city without being able to determine which direction you’re facing?

Geometry: Without geometry who knows if you would even have an address or phone number! Or algebra, what if someone had to figure out the cost per ounce of buying three bags of candy from 2 different stores?

Calculus: How can you tell which train will get you to work at your job on time unless you know how fast each train runs in miles per hour and also factor in traffic delays?

I think you get the idea. Mathematics is so fundamental to our survival and daily life that even if someone has no interest in pursuing a career or intellectual path related to math, it’s still useful for them to know the basics of algebra and geometry! So next time you are working on a project, experimenting with a formula, or learning about an archaeological find, remember: you’re doing math!

If you now come across a question that asks “Why do we need math? you know how you can answer.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of points on how important is math. If you are ever prompted to write a “why is math important essay”, feel free to reach out to our online math tutors for help or just “pay someone to do math homework for you” at cheap rates.

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