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Education Scientist Sugata Mitra Essay

The Education Scientist Sugata Mitra responds to one of the greatest problems that faced the education system today. He argues that the best teachers and schools do not exist where they are needed the most. In addition, he presents the idea that can learn better on themselves when presented with a computer as opposed to having a teacher handle them on the same subject.

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Based on the research done and evidence presented by Mitra, he presents very viable logic and ideas. This is because the children presented either the computers could not learn English effectively when taught by the teacher but could actually solve problems in English when presented with a computer. Education is the bridge between the poor and the rich hence it is necessary to allow everyone the opportunity to advance through education. However, the majority of people who live in the rural would not get quality education as those in the urban areas. This is because most of the schools in the rural areas are not quality and the teachers are not the best therefore affecting the quality of education from the region. This therefore represents the idea that quality educations can only be obtained from better schools and better teachers. However, when children in the local areas are presented with a computer, they learn better than those in the urban centre. This is because children learn better on themselves when presented with aid from external sources.

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