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Free Essay on Manufacturing of Electronics


This paper presents a proposal for the formation of a manufacturing enterprise company that will dwell on assembling of electronic contrivances like: cellphones and computers in a repetitive environment . The dedicated levels of production is based on the principles: nature of the company and how it does the production of the products and focus accorded to the compatibility of the production system to ensure no production of counterfeit phones , clear terms of use of the product which will be guided by the labels and descriptions assigned to them , how the structure of the industry shall look like , handling of the customers while bearing in mind they are the key shareholders in any organization ,competitor analysis will be based on both available opportunities and other human factors which necessitate healthy, competition and friendly environment ,marketing research focusing on generating more technics of handling the follow of products ,and ensure primary and secondary research is conducted by highly expertise personnel. The focus being to instill the spirit and the zeal in production of quality products that will satisfy the needs of the users and the society in general. The industry will focus on ensuring that service delivery and transportation of finished products is done in a convenient manner to cater for the needs and emerging trends in the technological advancement. The enterprise aims at presenting full attention to its customers through educating them on the benefits of the product at large. It will also highlight the consequences that are likely to be encountered in case of careless handling of the device and Provision of a healthy working environment with the purpose of ensuring there is mutual understanding in the business sector .The marketing plan research will be done basing on the connection between demand and supply of the product .The enterprise will venture mostly in research which will cover both primary and secondary aspects.

Company and the products it produces

The formation of this Electronic Contrivance Assembly enterprise is based on the idea that; any enterprise which desires to be competitive in any field of commerce must be prepared to ensure that its productive system meets concurrently the objective of quality it produces ,cost and time it will take (sipper and buffing 1997) .This company focuses on the production and importation of spare parts of electronic devices of high performance rate to be able to meet the long term desires of the consumers .Through this the enterprise aims at ensuring that it lowers the costs which are likely to be incurred by customers to obtain a single product as compared to when acquired in a wholesale price. The management is headed by group of 5 persons and the source of finance to run the enterprise is mainly from members. It focuses on ensuring quality standards are met and abide by all required obligations.

Description of the enterprise

The desire of consumers to have products which will be in position to satisfy their needs formed the basis for the formation of the company. The enterprise is established: to ensure that the society is fully updated by availing cellphones at a lower and affordable cost, offer more employment to graduates who have skills and are jobless hence technology being regarded as a tool to unlock once potential (dell 2014)


In connection to the idea that technology is making possible what was considered impossible (stibel 2013). This industry is designed to be able to meet the standards of industrial classification system in accordance to the standard industrial classification manual script of 1987..Therefore the industry aims at :protecting the health of the workers, ensuring proper data analysis, abide by the regulations of the location ,proper channels of accessing to information ,training of the workers and publication of yearly information.


The interest of the customers and loyalty will be maintained through offering of after sale services, creating awareness on the consequences that will be associated with mishandling of the equipment like fire outbreaks, views from the customers will be used to enhance production efficiency.

Competitor analysis

The enterprise will base its viability on the existing organization which trade on products which are closely related .This analysis look at : background (history ,ownership location) ,Financials ,Products ,Marketing ,Facilities and personnel .The aim being to providing information both which are offensive and defective for the identification opportunities and threats.(Fleisher 2007).

Market plan research

Competitive SWOT analysis market plan will be used (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats) this will enable the realization of any potential favorable and unfavorable conditions related to the enterprise product and even the determination of existence of factors that will aid in its achievement.

Primary and secondary research

The primary research is administered in questionnaire, survey and interviews form to establish the highly rated unsatisfied needs of the consumer as advancement in technology is concerned, secondary research is based on the consumer’s expectation of regular increase on product upgrade

Basing on the needs of the consumers which keep on changing, it is prudent enough to ensure all factors are laid properly in order to realize inventions and innovations in any business sector.

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