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You can virtually buy any type of essay at Tutlance. Some of our users have been able to buy persuasive essays, definition essay, argumentative essays, narrative essays, descriptive essays, expository essays, causal analysis essay, reflective paper and other types as well.

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  • Argumentative essay: An argumentative essay is a persuasive piece of writing that tries to convince the readers about a certain topic by giving examples and appropriate evidence. An argumentative essay is one where you have to provide logical reasoning as well as factual data to prove why your point of view takes precedence over others. The different types include compare and contrast, persuasive, narrative, cause and effect and analytical (or argumentative) essays.
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  • Persuasive essay: Persuasive essays are those where you have to provide logical reasoning as well as factual data to prove why your point of view takes precedence. Persuasive essays are similar to argumentative articles with one significant difference – while persuasive articles try to convince readers about certain topic by providing relevant information and examples; persuasive essays try to convince readers by applying logical reasoning as well as factual evidence on the topic.
  • Expository Essay: An expository essay explains something thoroughly without taking a position on it. It is also called explanatory essay or a descriptive essay. An expository essay is an attempt by the writer to explain something thoroughly without taking a stand on it. Expository essays can be informative essay or explanatory essay.
  • Descriptive essay: A descriptive essay is a type of narrative writing that vividly describes a person, place, memory or object. A descriptive essay is an excellent example of creative writing that vividly describes a person, place, memory, object or event in order to engage the senses of readers.
  • Compare and contrast essay: A compare and contrast essay is mostly assigned in schools and colleges where students have to ascertain the similarities as well as differences of two subjects.
  • Reflective essays: As the name suggests, a reflective essay is a form of writing that involves reflection, nursing reflective essay, or self-reflection. You can buy reflective essays at which will enable you to write about an incident from your personal life, your views on a certain topic or even experiences from past that continue to influence opinions today.
  • Cause and effect essays: These are of two types of cause and effect essay – the five-paragraph cause and effect essay, which comprises an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs with support and a concluding paragraph. The other type of cause and effect essay is the one where you have to identify causes for a certain event or analyze their effects on another event.
  • Biography essay: A biography essay / autobiography essay is a written account of someone’s life. You can buy biography essays from Tutlance which will provide you with a topic, structure and format to write a well-researched piece of writing on any famous figure.
  • Response-reaction essay: A response-reaction essay is one type of expository writing that seeks to provide an appropriate response or reaction to a certain event, topic or another person’s work.
  • Analytical essay: An analytical essay is a complex piece of writing which entails critical thought and analysis. It usually comes in the form of argumentative essays, persuasive essay or even descriptive essays like process analysis essay.
  • Rhetorical Analysis Essay: A rhetorical analysis essay is a type of writing that involves critical evaluation of a text. In other words, it entails close reading of a text and making judgements on the author’s choice of words, style, tone and so on.

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