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Character Analysis Essay Writing

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Why You Need Character Analysis Essay

Do you read books, watch movies, or play video games? In any of those settings, we have the starring, the villain, and supporting characters. In Character Analysis, we dissect the specific traits of these literary characters by analysing their roles in the context of their environment and the conflicts they experience.

To write a good Character Analysis essay, one has to note down the essay requirements. For instance, when analyzing a character, it is crucial to remain critical, ask concise analysis questions, and base your points about the identified role.

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While writing, one needs to reveal specific character traits. You may consider their behavior, what motivates them, and their personality. It’s these factors that will help to develop the framework of the character’s inward and outward qualities. Typically you have to use great details when describing their outward appearance.

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Character Analysis Essay Overview

Type of Character & their Character Description

There are various types of characters we encounter in any literary work, and they include;

  • The protagonist – is the main character in the story, so the entire plot revolves around them.
  • Antagonist – such a character only exists to cause conflict for the protagonist.
  • Major Character – plays a significant supporting role in the story, either as a close ally of the protagonist or antagonist. In your character analysis essay, you should explore their relationships and the role they play in the story.
  • Minor Character – they only appear a few times and fade away.
  • Dynamic Character – this character grows and changes to bring out the story.
  • Static Character – A static character doesn’t change throughout the story.
  • Stereotypes – they add up to the story, often taking roles such as the jokers, nerds, or play a specific purpose that portrays them in a particular way.

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