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Free Essay on Human Resource and Business Organizations

Traditionally, the role of the human resource professionals in many business organizations was to administer or monitor the firm’s policies. Their duty was limited to administrative and personnel functions which were viewed by the companies as paperwork. However, in the contemporary world of business and with today’s context of extreme competition, the responsibility of the HR is changing. HR is swiftly becoming more a part of the executive team, getting involved in critical decision making and also contributing to the firm as a whole. Human resource department is becoming a strategic advisor and business partner to the management.

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From your experiences working with and/or around Human Resource department representatives are they performing as they should be and focusing on the right things?

As aforementioned, HR department has become very useful in today’s world of business. Their main focus is on actions that differentiate the company from its competitors with an aim of making a long-term impact on the success of the company. The HR is on the right track on attracting and retaining the organization’s talent through engagement. It is playing a pivotal role in organizational success by employing their expertise on creating the best environment through which employees feel motivated and thrive (McDonnell A. & Boyle, 2012). In this, they focus on the total development of the employee, which is very vital to the organization. The HR representatives are also playing an important role in focusing on organization development strategies, employee assistance programs, and profit sharing strategies. Besides being an employee advocate, the HR is also very vital in change management, analytics, and employer branding.

What are some examples of activities where Human Resource is a strategic partner with its organization?

As a strategic partner to the organization. The HR contributes to the development of as well as the accomplishment of organization objectives and wide business plan (McDonnell A. & Boyle, 2012). For example, to be an efficacious business partner, HR representatives are developing their competence in various systems of the firm such as market conditions, production and cost reduction tactics, and finance and accounting (Jackson & Schuler, 2003). Other examples of activities where Human Resource is a strategic partner with its organization include the HR’s total control of the work; ensuring that service-level agreements are maintained; developing the strategy and implementing plans and manage service delivery process; and design and develop the tools that help other professionals in the organization do the work.

Do examples come to mind where they have not been in line strategically?

Apart from an unwillingness to change, a strategic alliance is normally accompanied by various problems that are associated with human resource representatives. These aspects may show some peculiar characteristics depending on the type of partnership between the HR and the organization. The type of alliance may be a contractual agreement or a joint-venture, or a coalition for a project of the indefinite or fixed timeline (Jackson & Schuler, 2003). Nevertheless, some of the examples where the human resource department have not been in line strategically include personnel transferability; the assignment of directors to the alliance; hitches related to loyalty; and the distribution of time between operative and strategic matters made by the HR representatives. Moreover, strategic vision and the ability to deal with complexities have been the most difficult skills among the HR representatives, presumably the reason why strategic roles have been deemed very problematic to fill.


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