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Immigration and Customs Enforcement Essay

Immigration and customs enforcement is an American agency that is mandated to investigate, investigate and dismantle any loopholes along the United States borders, infrastructural security, transportation and the economic wellbeing. The agency is divided into two components that is enforcement and removal operations and also the homeland security investigations. This agency has its main office in Washington. It is headed by a director an appointee of the president and directly reports to the homeland security secretary. It came into existence after the deadly attack in September 2001. It is the largest investigative agent under the department of homeland security.

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The agency’s organization comprises two enforcement directorates many support divisions. These divisions are provide necessary interdiction, security services and investigation to the public and some other enforcement partners in the local and federal wings. The first component, Homeland Security Investigations is doing investigations to matters that are a threat to human trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering human rights violations, document-benefit fraud, the manufacturing and sale of counterfeit immigration etc. this wing is sometimes given the responsibility of provision of security to the very important persons VIP’s and to supplement the US secret service during security threatened occasions like elections and special security events. It is composed of at least 6500 agents. The intelligence office, a subcomponent of this component is to collect, analyze and disseminate intelligence information for use by the requisite department.

The agency operates in various nations across the world. They are attached in foreign nations to identify and fight criminal agencies before they become a security threat to United States. It also gives security intelligence for host nations and facilitate international investigations done by the officers in the US.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Enforcement and removal operations. It is mandated to enforce the US immigration laws and ensure the alien who are removable are removed from the US. They can also arrest and remove alien who are going against the US immigration law. The deportation officers also have powers to prosecute aliens who have violated the US immigration and criminal law, to supervise the deported aliens and the released aliens. These officers work hand in hand with fugitive operations teams to locate, apprehend and do the removal of aliens.

Office of state, local and tribal coordination. The primary role of this office is to build and improve good rapport and coordinate activities with the tribal, local and state law enforcement offices. This office also tries to sustain relationship with the federal states.

Office of the principal legal advisor. It is to issue any legal advice, services and training to support ICE and also to defend the US interest in prosecution of foreigners for the purpose of deportation. It also helps the federal government in the administrative and federal courts.

Office of professional responsibility. This office do investigations on the allegations of employees of ICE and customs and border protection. It do preserve the integrity of the customs and immigration enforcement through doing investigation the allegations of serious criminal misconduct by ICE worldwide. It also do inspection of operations in order to give executive management with the independent reviews.

ICE personnel do receive their trainings at federal law enforcement training center in Georgia. The training duration takes a period of between 4 to 6 months. After the training all the personnel go for training on law basic enforcements tasks laws on immigration and firearms training. ERO officials receive Spanish language immediately after their graduation.

HIS and ERO offices are given pistols which is double action known as Keelman as the sidearm. These offices also do operate nationwide communication system. The system is called customs over the horizon network. They also communicating with each other using devices known as NLECC and high speed data lines. There is a center that regulate their communication and it is headquartered in Florida.

National security. This division is monitoring the behaviors of enforcement operation in interdiction, prosecution, investigation and removal of foreign born terrorists who live in the United States. They help combating counter terrorism investigations and officials who are derailing the effort of fighting terrorism and come up with proper information in fighting terrorism.

ICE has several detention centers throughout the US that detains illegal aliens. Around 31000 are held each day in all the detention camps in the nation. Some of these centers are located in New York, Colorado, Puerto Rico, New Jersey.

There are several case sample of those vindicated and operations that have been done by these departments. For example, Erik Wotulo in the year 2008 was convicted for conspiracy for giving help in terrorist organization Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. In the year 2007, a two daughters and the mother were detained for dealing in child trafficking. Also in October 2006, ICE was able to deport Sayed Malike for attempting to buy materials used in terrorism. And lastly in the year 2008, ICE was able to remove Sarafat Mohamed from US to Egypt after he confessed to be a member of the Takfir wal-Hijra which is an Egyptian terrorist organization.

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