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Essay on Informatics and Communication in Healthcare

Technological enhancement in informatics and communication has created a new field under disaster management; which showcases the use and importance of information and communication to plan, mitigate and recovery strategies during emergency disasters. It involves citizen science, crowdsourcing, etc. Personnel working in disaster management are trained to offer leadership skills in emergency and disaster situations. They are also natured to possess leadership traits like but not limited to decisiveness, communication skill, ability to plan and execute, responsible, etc. coupled with high moral and ethical behavior.

Devastating effects caused by the natural disaster in recent years have triggered extensive research and development in preventive programs aimed to curb and reduce the damages posed by the latter. Disasters are not just natural events but also human-made catastrophes, i.e., hacking, which has challenged healthcare institutions to invest heavily in data protection and recovery systems to prevent losses. Primary informatics function facilitates establishment of IT infrastructure that provides information and communication safety and recovery during any disaster; initial step involves business impact analysis (BIA) it provides foundation for data collection security and storage (Snedaker 2013). It provides a hierarchy system of data recovery depending on urgency and importance of the data being safe guarded. Informatics experts liaison with top executive suggest and create proper recovery option depending on the need and capability of preparedness of healthcare organization. Disaster recovery program involves three stages to recover data lost, hot site, warm site and the cold site they are dependent on cost and time factor hence health care providers will take either option depending on their urgency and scale of budget.

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Business impact analysis model assists health care provider to create appropriate security policies and procedures that will facilitate recovery of data on the need basis, through established concepts of recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO). Merging of disaster operational processes and security needs with the appropriate recovery strategies; the model will guarantee efficiency of operations during disaster periods (Okuyama& Santos 2014).

Essay on Informatics and Communication in Healthcare


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