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Free Essay on Martin Duberman And The Gay Activism

One of the most renown American citizen of his time who is a great historian, an academic star, a playwright, essayist and the most vocal commentator and activist, Martin Bauml Duberman, has it all when reflecting on the key events and dark pasts of the history of The Great United States of America. His revelations on the infringements on especially human rights exposed and a faulty system found a strict foundation of people who believes and endeavors to hold steadfast on that which is passed on – the status quo – believers. His effects to the public domain were first felt as early as 1973 when he posed as the founder and the keynote speaker the Gay Academic Union. The brush of Duberman with the gay issues did not only bring relief and new meaning to life by the oppressed but also exposed the unjust.

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Duberman was born to a Jewish garment manufacturer father and a second-generation American mother in august 1930 who lived in New York. He was influenced by his parents to pursue the career of being a professor. His brilliance earned him a Ph. D American history in the year 1957 at Harvard university. As an academia, Duberman is a professor of history at the Herbert Lehman college and has written over twenty-five books among them, A gay man’s odyssey in 1991, a collection of plays named, “Radical Acts” published in 2008 just to mention but few. He is such an enlightment to the society and his determinations knows no boundaries.

As a student, Duberman was bothered by his sexual orientation since he was certain that he was first he narrates as having shouldered the shame and disguise for his status in the public domain. This made him move around pretending to be a heterosexual young man yet he was not. He once asked her teacher about the issue and she referred him for psychotherapy. Desperate times calls for desperate measures indeed. He was moving along the path that would lead to the ultimate solution to his demises. The “cure”. This is equally evident in his memoir “cures: a gay man’s odyssey”. It was such a torturous struggle that lasted fifteen years in the name of attempting to change his sexual orientation. He tried to pursue workable ways out of this bondage and a ting that would later on reduce his self-esteem but all his efforts were in vain. In the long run the reality was there and he could not take it any longer. He accepted that he was gay.

His publications that are based on African-American history, radicalization in politician movements and abolitionism are among the other things which haunted him even more. They made him alienated from the rest of his colleagues at the college. This really discouraged him more and made him feel even more homophobic and out of place at Princeton college where he was lecturing. They felt that he was more of a political radical who would pursue research cases beyond scholarly objectivity. This among other issues lead to his move to Lehman college in New York City.

1970 was the year when Duberman fully accepted his sexuality. To his advantage and for the general gay society, this development coincided with the post stonewall gay rights movement formation and activities. As a behind the scene subject of the stonewall injustice, he participating in the activities of the movements through exploration of all the possible and available loop hole of liberations. His bargain for gay rights made him even more significant since he became an icon in gay right and a media figure in the USA. In 1972, his article on gay rights fight rocked the whole world through the publication in the New York times magazine.

By 1973, there was a significant breakthrough and he co-founded the Gay Academic Union. Being elite and knowledgeable as he was, Duberman realized the interconnectedness that there was between the gay and lesbians’ oppression and moved on to advocate for the inclusion of the lesbians in their organization.

Professor Duberman, in my interest to now about the aftermath of this whole campaign on gay and lesbian rights and the impacts it had on his life, revealed great happiness and appreciation of his determination to see those in his category enjoy the fruits of his efforts. Living a life free from stigmatization and interference by the media and the authorities is such a privilege just like it’s a right. The humiliation and infringements imposed by the law enforces such as denial of freedom to coexist and freely interact is such a disgusting experience to live with and the inner guilt in the face of the society is just but another stumbling block of the past.

In conclusion, the American history was marred with lots of social, political and economic injustices. Among them in the social class was the infringement of gay and lesbian rights. The whole scenario was changed by the dedicated and determined minority whose goal was to lead the Americans into transformation the marriage policies. The move was to later on impact a cultural change on the society which would later on be adopted the political movements that to follow. Among other grounding victories achieved, the aftermath stonewall changed the whole picture of the gay and lesbian rights. The contribution of prof. Duberman can in this fight cannot go unnoticed. It was such a massive contribution that yielded great result for the greater good of all generations to come.

Professor Martin Duberman And The Gay Activism


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