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Math Homework

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Math Homework and How It Will Help The Future

Math homework is given to students in the math class every day. Most people feel like they do not need this homework because there are many other things that they would rather be doing.

However, this is not true. All of the work you put into your math classes will help prepare you for the future.

You can use everything you learn in any kind of real life situation; no matter how big or small it may be.

Let’s look at an example, Jim needs to add 6 dollars to his total money made from a job he had over summer vacation. He doesn’t have much experience with adding money together so he looks up some examples on how to make the number six.

The homework he had recently completed in his math class gave him some background on how to add numbers together. He remembers the first thing he needs to do is find out how much money he already has and then add the new amount of money he just made onto that. Jim can think back to all of the lessons he did about adding decimals, because this is similar but it’s easier since there isn’t a decimal, yet. “I have one dollar and thirty cents.”

Once Jim added that in his mind, he remembered that you need to take the dollar value away from where it is at so you can make sense of what you are doing. Jim continues on with figuring out his answer while making sure not to leave out any zeros. “I have five dollars and twenty-five cents.”

He adds the two numbers together in his head to figure out what he has left after making this summer’s money.

Another lesson Jim learned was how to use carrying over when you add 2 numbers with a sum of 10 or more.

So instead of adding 5+5, he knows he needs to add 6+1 because it is easier to make sense of the other number at the end if you do it that way.

This example may have been simple for some people but math homework really does help prepare students for everyday life situations. It helps them learn how to start from scratch and figure everything out themselves without just being given an answer right away. Math homework is not only beneficial in math class, it will be used everywhere the rest of your life.

Math Homework Tips for Parents

As parents, sometimes we feel left out of our children’s’ school experiences. We want to help them with their homework but don’t know how. Here are some tips that may come in handy:

  • Set up your own workstation at home so that when you sit down to do your child’s homework, everything you need is in one place: a calculator, pencils, markers, erasers, etc. Make this area easily accessible for yourself and for your children.
  • Let the teacher know what kind of learner your child is. Some teachers provide copies of their homework or send it home in a daily folder so that you can follow your child’s progress each day; other teachers expect you to wait until test time. If you are confused about how involved the teacher wants you to be, just ask.
  • When you help your child with homework, make sure that you both sit at the kitchen table or in a quiet place where there isn’t any noise or distractions. This way, you’ll be able to concentrate on what your child is telling you.
  • Make it fun! The more students enjoy doing their homework, the less likely they will experience stress and anxiety about it. Some ideas are: working together on math problems, putting music on while studying, making flashcards for history facts (and playing school), etc.
  • Don’t ask too many questions while your children are trying to figure out their own answers to problems; let them try it first and then step in if they get stuck. Make sure not to give an answer unless you’re asked to. When your child does ask for help, try not to give a lecture about how you learned it in school. Instead, focus on the question they are asking and find ways that fit their question; do not make them feel dumb or stupid because they cannot figure out how to solve the problem by themselves.
  • When you help with homework, be patient! There will always be some questions that your children can’t answer on their own and that is fine! Doing homework together as a family builds stronger relationships between parents and children, balances work at home versus school, and assures that all students master basic concepts.
  • If your child’s teacher sends home “suggestions” for helping with homework at night (like reading daily), make sure to do it! This practice will help your children get familiar with the type of work they will be doing at school.

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