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How to write a narrative essay

Writing a narrative paper Step by step guide or get a personal narrative essay written for you cheap.

What is a narrative essay?

What is a narrative essay like or what is a narrative essay outline are the two most common questions asked online. Most students tend to confuse between expository essay writing and narrative essay writing. 

Narrative Essay Definition: Actually, a narrative essay is a form of expository writing where a student is given an opportunity to think and write about themselves or narrate about a task lodged in their memory.

We all have had a chance to narrate a story or describe an incident at one time or the other in our lives. Narrative essays are about sharing one of these stories for grading purposes. 

To some students, writing a narrative paper is easy while for others it is both time consuming and tedious task.

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 Want to learn how to write a narrative essay step by step instead? Below is everything you need to know regarding how is a narrative essay written.

How To Write a Narrative Essay Step By Step.

One thing that distinguishes narrative essay writing with other forms of academic writing is the sequence of writing. In a narrative essay, the thoughts and elements of the story must flow to effectively capture the attention of the reader. 

The verbs used must be very vivid and very accurate. Every paragraph represent a point of the story which in turn is introduced in the first sentence of the paragraph and emphasized in the last sentence.  

 Another thing to note is that when writing a personal narrative essay, you must have learnt the art of story writing. Writing a grade winning story requires perfect knowledge of the plot, characters, setting, climax and the ending. 

Basically, writing a narrative essay involves seven (7) fundamental steps. These include:

  • Thoughts organization: Brainstorming of various topics before your start writing your narrative paper gives you an upper hand in getting the very best topic. You might think you don’t have a topic in mind but with thoughts organization, you will be able to pick a great narrative essay topic. The most recommended way of brainstorming is finding a pen and notebook and listing all the interesting topics you can think, then start making an outline for each topic. The topic with more content is the best for your narrative essay writing task.
  • Topic researchAfter organizing your thoughts and identifying the best topic for your narrative essay paper, the next thing you need to do is research more about the topic. If you want to make your narrative paper interesting and appeal to the reader, you must take adequate time to research about the topic of interest. In the event you can’t find enough resources for the chosen topic, it is best to select the second best topic from the brainstorming section. 
  • Thesis statement development: Now it is the time to come up with a thesis statement for your narrative essay paper. Like in any essay writing task, your thesis statement will have to parts: the claim and supporting facts. Remember that your claim must be in observable format. Note that in a much as the thesis statement is supposed to guide you when writing the essay, you can change the direction of the essay, you can always adjust your thesis to reflect the content of the story.
  • Create an outline: Creating an outline helps you to organize the flow of your essay. After coming up with a great thesis statement for your narrative essay, you need to spend a few minutes outlining the key points of the story. Once you do this, arrange the points in such a way that the thoughts flows smoothly. 
  • Writing the introduction: Introduction forms the core part of your narrative paper. This is the point where you either hook the readers or get them bored! Depending on the length of your essay, the introduction can take up to two paragraphs. A good introduction will include: concept definition, relevance, thesis statement, and an in depth definition of the topic. 
  • Writing the body paragraphs: It is in the body paragraphs where you discuss and expound your points. Each point should be discussed on its own paragraph. Do not discuss different points in the same paragraph.
  • Writing a perfect conclusion: Concluding your narrative essay paper requires you to provide an overview of all the discussed points and you restate your thesis. You must ensure that the conclusion bring the essay to a close and doesn’t leave the reader hanging. 

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 Narrative essay example college level

How to write a narrative essay with examples

The good is always accompanied with some undesirable aspects. This is one of the most vital lessons that I have encountered in life. My life could be described as happy and ideal in the beginning. This, however, was soon to change as I faced some turbulence and had to reassess my position. This necessitated a change in my personal and career objectives and priorities. This personal narrative explores the issues I have faced. It also examines the lessons learned and principles gained from the life experiences and decisions.

I was born and raised in Iraq. Being the last one in my family, I had the privilege to learn from my older siblings and experience love from all of my family. In the tranquility of my country, I was able to freely explore the endless beautiful natural and man-made beauties that the local town had to offer. The most captivating thing, however, was the architectural endowment of the town. The architectural beauties sparked my curiosity on the inside stories of the majestic buildings. At an early age, I had already decided to take up architecture as a life-long profession simply from being in close proximity to the inspiring buildings. I started pursuing my studies later on to realize my dream of being an architect.

These dreams and aspirations along with the tranquil community life were soon interrupted as we were caught in the crossfire of the Iraq War. This caused a disruption in my studies thus forcing me to relocate from my country. After initially moving to Canada, I was able to settle in the United States. By this time, I was already behind in my studies and has some catching up to do. Despite initial hurdles, I was able to enroll at MID College to pursue my degree in architecture. My studies have been interesting and eye-opening. I have had to content with different study and assessment approaches. I have also managed to interact with a diverse group of students.

The process of moving from one country to another can be a daunting one if they have significant cultural differences. Changing learning institutions across borders can be demanding. I realized the potential issues that I could face and their impact on my professional aspirations and made adjustments to improve my learning outcomes. Frequent interactions have been instrumental in enhancing my learning. Other than my colleagues, the available and cooperative professors and the clear college’s guidelines have been valuable in the learning process. The interactive platform has enhanced my ability to exchange ideas and learn concepts that are relevant to my studies. These individuals and structures have promoted my ability to discover and exploit my hidden potential.

The value of a strong family support system is one of the most important things I have learned through my personal and career transition. My parents were an instrumental part in making the transition from my country to North America. Their belief in my dream and the conviction that moving to a more settled and supportive society led them to support the movement to the United States. Later on, my husband also offered great encouragement as I experienced initial challenges with my academic work given the difference in syllabus and course expectations. Through my family, I was able to get some perspective and have a shoulder to lean on during the difficult times.

The valuable thing an individual can do is to have courage and persistence when facing the difficult situations in life. Through y trials and tribulations, I have managed to convince myself that the struggle is just but a passing cloud. This has enabled me to match my courage with the enthusiasm I always have when pursuing the things that excite me. For instance, the first months of moving to Canada were daunting as the weather and culinary differences took a toll. I, however, took encouragement from the fact that I would be able to adapt to different environmental conditions and learn new dishes and delicacies that were not staple dishes in my home country.

Currently, I am focused on completing my graduate studies. Later, I intend to focus on further studies to enhance my preparedness for the demands of the architectural industry. I’m interested in learning US-specific architectural norms, expectations, and standards. Real life experiences in the industry will be necessary for promoting this learning. My overall focus is to ensure that I merge architectural standards and expectations across different countries and cultures to create a new and fresh perspective. To achieve these objectives and become a great architect, I will have to continue with the hard work, dedication, and discipline that have been instrumental to my personal and professional progress. I will also need family support through the tough times that are expected along the way.

In conclusion, my narrative shows the value of perseverance and persistence in different situations life presents. Other than the great experiences, there are humbling and difficult experiences that one can expect to go through in life. The ups and downs of life have a way of pushing us to situations where we can learn and grow. My life experiences are a testament to the importance of going through different aspects of life with grace and an open mind. The narrative also emphasizes the value of a strong and supportive family throughout the good and bad life experiences. I can credit these life experiences for my personality. As I look to grow into a great architect, I can borrow from my experiences and construct a meaningful career.

Sample Caught In A Robbery Narrative Essay Paper

The event I am going to write about is an event that has filled me with fear. One may ask why I have not written about happier events – and I have experienced some. This is because fear has a tendency to stay with us longer. Bender (2006) says “Writers of personal essays have fears that endanger their ability to write honestly about their experiences and convey their insights”. I couldn’t agree more.

My father and I were driving home one evening after visiting my uncle who lives in a neighboring state. It was late in the evening. It had rained slightly, and a cold breeze was blowing. Father had turned on the car heater, making the car warm and slightly stuffy. I felt sleepy. We pulled up next to a store in order to buy something – I think it was a drink or something for dinner, I cannot really remember what it was. We got into the store and walked up and down the aisles. My father picked some items and we proceeded to the counter to pay. There was a short queue of about six other shoppers.

We waited in the queue and I felt tired wishing to get to my warm, inviting bed at home. Just as we were two places to the counter, it happened! Two men with masked faces burst into the store brandishing guns, shouting “everybody lie down!” I moved to an aisle and lay facing down. I heard commotion near the counter and lifted my face just in time to see one of the masked men jump over the counter and order the cashier, a young man who seemed to be pretty scared, to open the safe. He obliged. The man then ordered him to put all the money into a bag. He began doing so, but the man, who appeared drunk, felt he was not doing it fast enough. He hit him hard on the head using the butt of the gun and he fell down, bleeding from the wound where he had received the blow. I was horrified and for a moment, I thought that we would all die. Just then, one of the men lying on the floor woke up and grabbed the man who had hit the cashier from behind. He held him firmly and asked for help, but the other criminal, seeing his accomplice in trouble, shot the man in the leg.

There was a lot of blood on the floor, more than I have seen my entire life. To our relief, a police siren was heard in the distance. The men bolted out of the store through the front door. We heard tires screeching and I knew they were trying to escape. The police arrived and listened to our accounts – but I was very scared now and just wanted to go home.

I now hesitate before entering a store, especially late in the evening. I often feel anxious about encountering a repeat experience. I believe the government needs to do much more to enhance the security of our country. This event was my first, and only, first hand encounter with criminals and the experience has made me appreciate the danger they pose to the society. I have, since then, always empathized with those who are victims of crime.


Bender, S. (2006). The Art of the Personal Essay: How to turn a nagging question or troubling

experience into entertaining and insightful essay. Retrieved January 24, 2015 from

Sample Narrative Speech Essay

Sitting still on my bed wide awake, I could not hide the apprehension of the day that lay ahead of me. I did not have a whiff of sleep the previous night as I contemplated the possibility of making a life-defining choice with respect to moving away from my family and joining college. Living in a closely-knit family, we have always had each other’s’ support in difficult times and shared in the joy of the good times. College was a step away from the familiar comforting environment of home to the unknown. On this particular day, I had to visit the college I intend to join and interact with some current and potential students. I set off with on my journey in the chilly morning and arrived to a warm mid-morning sunshine.

Arriving with a lot of apprehension and little expectation, I was ushered into the compound by a welcoming sophomore. He reassured me that it was fine to feel out of place in the first instance and guaranteed that I will feel differently at the end of the tour. In a small group of seven, our volunteer guide showed us the educational, social, and religious amenities of the school. He also familiarized us with the schedule and culture of the institution before introducing us to the dean of students. The dean was key in explaining the community and family approach taken by the student and administrative body. This brought a soothing feeling and calmed my concerns.

The future truly belongs to those who have the audacity to believe in and commit to their dream. The visit was an important eye-opener that reinforced my belief and commitment to join college in September. The encouragement and support I received during the visit proved beyond doubt that college was a destiny I have to fulfill despite the fact that I had to move away from my family.

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