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Omega Genesis is a comic book universe under active development. The Omega Genesis Creative Team seeks to create, develop and publish its own characters, stories and properties. We are currently inviting artists, writers and other professionals from across the world to join us as we build this comic book empire! If you’re interested in participating or want more information then please visit our JOIN US page for more details today. Those lucky enough to be invited will have access to exclusive early pages and art assets – things which the general public will never get to see – not even when they hit store shelves. You can also check out our OCCUPY OMEGA GENESIS story arcs for a taste of what you might get up to if you become involved.

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Omega Genesis Publishing is committed to excellence in story-telling. By sharing our creative vision with the world, we hope that these stories will be given life beyond their paper and ink origins. We hope that they will reach out into the real world where they can spark your imagination too! But these are not stories for children. They are intended for adult audiences only. Omega Genesis Publishing is ready to take this comic book universe from concept to reality but cannot do so without your help. To bring our heroes, monsters, mutants and villains to life, we need people like you who are just as passionate about storytelling as we are! If that sounds like you then please feel free to “join us” today!

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