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You can now pay for essay assignment help at Tutlance. Tutlance is the largest essay assignment writing service online with a pool of over 5000 professional academic writers for hire. Need help writing an essay assignment?

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essay assignment help

Tutlance is a highly rated essay writing service that offers a broad range of academic writing services to students. Some of the most popular types of essay assignment writing services that we can help with are argumentative essays, compare and contrast essays, narrative essays and descriptive essays. We work very closely with our customers so that all their instructions are taken into account and the essay help that they receive is completely original and written with their specific guidelines in mind.

How to pay for essay assignment help online

Paying for essay assignment writing help at Tutlance is simple and straightforward. You can get help with essay assignments in 3 simple steps:

  1. Gather all the instructions: The first step before you contact us for essay assignment help is to make sure that you have gathered all of your instructor’s instructions carefully. Sometimes, this can mean following a very specific list of criteria or requirements, other times it just means reading the instructions or assignment description very carefully to be sure that you have no mistakes that will end up costing you points in your final grade.
  2. Order an assignment: The next step is to fill out our convenient order form and send us all of the relevant information about your assignment so we can get started on writing it for you. This includes things like topic and any specific requirements. Once we know what kind of essay assignment you need and have the information we need to write it, we will do all of the research and begin writing your paper.
  3. Download the essay: Once the work has been completed, you will be notified via email to download the completed essay assignment. The essay that you receive will be formatted exactly as it would look in the grading rubric of your professor. You can then submit the paper to your teacher with full confidence knowing that you have received the highest quality work and fulfilled all of their requirements completely.

You can contact us at any time via our live chat feature or with an email on our website to get a fast quote for your assignment so that you know exactly how much money, and how much time, your essay assignment will cost. We offer flexible pricing options and some discounts for repeat customers.

Tutlance – A reliable essay assignment writing service 

There are many online essay assignment writing services to choose from, all offering similar services at prices that range widely from one another. This can be very frustrating for our customers when choosing the right website to work with as they may not know what type of assistance could have given them the best results without having to spend hours looking through reviews and samples on each page.

One of the main things Tutlance looks out for is customer satisfaction, this means ensuring our customers receive work that they are fully satisfied with. We achieve this by carefully following all of our clients’ guidelines so that we create a product that matches their specifications exactly. The problem many students face when searching for ‘help writing an essay assignment online’ is finding someone who can properly translate their instructions into an original work while still being able to maintain their personal voice and style.

The essay writing help you receive from us is 100% plagiarism free and written according to your specific instructions. Every paper is read by a human writer before it goes out to the customer so there are no mistakes. When you need help writing an essay assignment, Tutlance can provide fast assignment writing services that can save you hours of work in research and writing time, leaving more time for other things!

Popular Type of Essay Assignment Writing Services

Type of essay assignments provided by our essay writers include:

  1. Cause and effect essay: A cause and effect essay is one that requires you to make a claim. You then have to support your claim with evidence, usually different types of events and episodes from history. For example, if a student was writing about the causes of World War I, he or she would list the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand as an event related to the war’s cause. The paper would then go on to discuss the various factors that led up to this particular event (the alliance system and nationalism). Read – Causal analysis essay.
  2. Compare and contrast essay: When writing a comparative essay, you must examine the similarities and differences between two or more items. For example, if you wanted to compare and contrast the geographic locations of Istanbul and London, you might address questions such as: How are they similar? How are they different? What geographical features do they have in common / not in common?
  3. Informative essay /explanatory essay: This is a very direct type of essay that requires you to explain something. It usually focuses on people, places or things. You would provide information about the topic within your first paragraph; for instance, it could include biographical information or historical context . The rest of the paper would go on to explain that which was only briefly mentioned at the beginning.
  4. Definition essay: When writing this type of essay, you must explain the meaning or definition of a particular term. You can also use this type of essay to describe something in detail .
  5. Deductive essay: This type of essay requires you to list your generalizations and then provide evidence that supports them. For example, if writing about a political event, you would list reasons why something happened. The next part of your essay would explain how those particular reasons led to a certain outcome.
  6. Descriptive essay: This type of essay requires you to provide a description of an individual, place or thing. Your paper must include sensory details that appeal to the senses. For example, if you’re writing about a place that is very hot and dry, you would want to include details that convey how this climate affected the landscape and the people in it.
  7. Expository essay: This type of essay requires you to explain something step by step. You would include details and provide background information about a particular topic. This essay is usually informative, but it can also be persuasive.
  8. Classification essay: This type of essay requires you to break down a topic into subsets. You would be describing how a large group of items or people is similar and different.
  9. Persuasive essay: A persuasive essay requires you to provide a point of view and then support it with evidence. You must also include clear counter arguments within your paper that are directed at those who might not agree with your claim. It may also address whether a certain perspective is right or wrong. Note: There are also literary essays that are persuasive in nature.
  10. Literary analysis essay: A literary analysis essay requires you to interpret a piece of literature and provide clear evidence on how it contributes to the field of study. You would have to use certain concepts and theories to back up your claims. This type of essay can also focus on non-literary works, including visual art or music (visual analysis essay).
  11. Rhetorical analysis essay: This type of essay requires you to analyze a text’s tone, style and message. You would have to discuss how the author intended for the audience to interpret the work. You may also have to discuss whether or not it was successful. Examples – Film reflection essay, poem analysis essay.
  12. Argumentative essay: An argumentative essay assignment requires you to present a thesis, use evidence and reasoning to support it, and then provide counterarguments. This type of essay may also address topics such as whether or not something is right or wrong.
  13. Thematic essay: A thematic essay usually explores a particular theme or idea that connects multiple texts. Read – how to write a theme analysis essay.
  14. Narrative essay: A narrative essay is a type of expository essay where the writer tells a story. It’s different from a creative writing assignment because you would be using real life experiences.
  15. Evaluative essay: An evaluation essay requires you to provide your viewpoint on a topic or issue and justify it with evidence. It’s different from a persuasive essay in that you have to provide reasoning as well.
  16. Summary essay: A summary essay requires you to briefly discuss a topic or text and then provide the most important points. You may also add your own perspective. For example, if writing about a news article, you could write about key parts of it and what they might mean to you.
  17. Biography essay: A biography essay requires you to share the life story of someone who has left an impact on history. You would have to provide a chronological narrative of their life and then discuss what they achieved and how it influenced future events or people. Also see – autobiography essay.
  18. Argument paper: An argument paper requires you to take a side on an issue and convince readers why that particular stance is correct.
  19. Critical analysis essay: An essay assignment that requires you to provide a critical evaluation of an argumentative text. This type of essay usually requires outside research and sources to back up your claims.
  20. Creative essay: A creative essay is different from other types of essays because you have more freedom when it comes to the structure, tone, voice, style and length. You don’t have to stick with the traditional “five-paragraph essay” and can use different formats. You could even write a poem or short story.
  21. Research paper: A research essay requires you to include sources and citations within your writing as well as a conclusion that provides new information not found in the sources. This type of essay is more common at college and university level.
  22. Analytical essay: Writing an analytical essay requires you to provide an in-depth analysis of a text, argument, topic or issue. You would have to discuss how it relates to other works and what key concepts and theories it applies.
  23. Reflective essay: A reflection essay is a type of expository essay where you reflect on your own personal experiences and share what you learned from them. You would have to tell a story or provide an anecdote, and then discuss some lessons that you learned from it.
  24. 5 paragraph essay: A 5 paragraph essay with an introductory paragraph followed by three supporting paragraphs and a concluding sentence. The introduction includes the topic, purpose and thesis statement (optional). Support comes in the form of three body paragraphs providing evidence from texts to support their ideas and a final concluding sentence which restates the thesis statement (if included.) The conclusion is two sentences long, first restating the topic, then it should present both a summary of the text or story as well as how this relates to your life or other texts studied throughout high school English class. In writing these types of essays students must always apply textual evidence when citing an idea. These are also known “informational” essays because they are mainly used to relay factual information.


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Need help writing an essay assignment? You can now pay someone to write an essay for you cheap at Tutlance writing help or refer to our essay writing tips page for comprehensive guide on how to write an essay assignment for college and university.

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