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Essay on Physiological Development Theory

Where does the theory place you in the life stages?

The theory of the personal development places me at the younger adult stage. The stage of development according to the Erickson theory occurs when a person is at the age of 18 to 35 years of age. It is the stage that seems to be difficult when a person is growing up (McLeod, 2013). It involves the intimacy in a person and also solidarity against the act of isolation and love. It is the most difficult stage for me because as am growing is trying to find companionship as well as love also. Most of my peers are trying to settle down as they have already found the companions and here I am stranded. It is the stage that most of the individuals are trying to find the right person for them and starting families with them.

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According to the physiological theory, it is the stage that most of the individuals are trying to find love as well as the companionship, but when things go out bad, isolation may occur. Isolation is the largest step that a person takes when the relationship that they thought would go well goes out bad. However, if the relationship goes well during the stage most of the individuals would take a further step and become marital partners or at most become life friends.

Is this stage an accurate reflection of your current life stage? Do you believe that there is congruence between the developmental tasks and psycho-social crisis and your current life circumstances?

I think the stage is the reflection of the stage that is in; for example, it is this stage that is trying to find the right companion for me as well as trying to find the right companion for me. Usually, when the relationship goes bad for me, I do hate relationships and tries to be as isolated as possible.

The act of trying to find the right companion for me and form a marital status for them is true. At one moment I found someone who we were so close to them that I thought of starting a family with that individual until the later stage I was disappointed. According to the theory, disappointment can make a person to be left with no option but to be isolated from other persons. I was so hurt that I become very isolated and I could not associate with other persons.

If so, briefly discuss the developmental tasks and the psychosocial crisis with which you are currently engaged. If not, what stage better addresses your life stage? What is the crisis being worked through at this stage?

A developmental task is a task that arises at a particular stage of person’s life. In my life, I have come a long many unsuccessful events and achievements which make me be able not to perform some of the goals that I have set properly. It is the task that makes the person be able to perform the task that is ahead of time or the tasks that will enable them to perform at the later stage. There are some of the tasks that I want to accomplish at the young adult stage of physiological stages (Newman & Newman, 2017).

The first task that I want to achieve is the task of being able to learn other persons and in turn being able to associate well with the other friends of both sexes. Due to the fact also that I find my body unattractive; I want to change my perception. The second task of development that I want to achieve is the task of accepting the way I am and being able to keep my body healthy. There are some of the stressors that I should, therefore, be able to cope up with.

Looking for your career development and job satisfaction at your current or previous places of employment, analyze elements that have contributed to your present state based on your gender and cultural background.

Because am male, proper clothing and personal grooming have contributed to the way that I look and how being able to maneuver my new job opportunities. Personal grooming is very important as it has become part of me through observing personal grooming and proper attire. There is also the element of being polite in the working environment, the two have led me to be very successful when it comes to maintaining of my jobs and ability to form good work mate. Therefore, the elements that have led me to be successful in job position are personal grooming and being polite.


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