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Social Economic Stratification in the USA Essay

Socialization is the process of developing social life which involves learning one’s culture. The school is believed to be a formal set up mainly for socialization and cultural transmission. The school has replaced other agents of socialization which includes families and communities. Considering the role played by schools, it has been termed as the primary agent of socialization amid other agents (Seth, 2015). School socialization leads to personal development and self-fulfillment. It has significant impacts on one’s self-image, making life decisions and moving towards attaining one’s aspirations in life. Different countries have adopted various education systems. The essay examines and analyses the different education systems approved in the USA and how they perpetuate social-economic stratification in the region.

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Social stratification is the ranking of individuals into social classes, status, and authority within the society. The ranking is done on the following basis; social class, gender, race and ethnicity, age and disability among others. The causes of Social stratification includes; inequality, conflict, power, wealth and instability (Richard, 2015). For example, social stratification in the USA is evident. It is based on race, social class, and gender. The education systems in the country are viewed as the only means to restore equality in the nation, but little has been done since it is perpetuating the vice in the region.

Education systems in the USA are strong determinants of social-economic stratification. People with different academic levels are classified into different classes. Not every individual has equal access to better primary, secondary and tertiary education. Children from low-income families get the poor education from institutions which are not properly equipped with competent teachers, apparatus and teaching aids. These make it difficult for these children to compete favorably in the job markets. They lack special skills to match the current job requirements something that has rendered most of the jobless.

Also, children from rural areas have limited access to better education than those living in towns. Some states are said to be rich than others, and this gap has made it difficult in accessing safe and equal education systems. Considering the current economic climate in the USA, social stratification is evident. Schools in wealthy states have good access to loans and grants from the national government (Mortimer, 2014). The grants and loans issued have helped the schools in rich states develop better with excellent facilities and adopt the modern technology very first.

Recommendations on Social Economic Stratification in the USA

The following recommendations have been suggested;

1. Designing education curriculum that matches all the education systems in the region. These will enable people from both social classes to access same education bridging the gap of social stratification in the region.

2. Decentralization of education systems. These can be done through the implementation of the curriculum at the national level or the local level.

3. Ensuring parity in resource distribution among public schools. These include teachers, superior technology, loans, grants and newer materials. These will make sure that all individuals are equally prepared for the workplace.

4. Equalization of educational opportunities by adopting a standard school system both at all levels.

Reference: Social Economic Stratification in the USA Essay

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