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Statistics project help

Statistics project writing help

A statistics project writing is a challenging task for most students because they have to gather and analyze data but it also give them the experience of working with real statistics.

The main purpose of this article is to assist you in starting your own statistics project by providing you a simple template that can be used as a guide. The template will help you gather all the information you need so that your study can be properly conducted. Below is an example statistics project outline format:

This should only be used as a general guide since each statistician has its own way of conducting research, however this is still good for beginners who do not know yet how to write or perform data collection for their statistics projects.

Statistics Project help – Writing a perfect stats project

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In order to make sure that your results would lead into something fruitful, here are tips on what would you need to consider before starting your statistics project.

Choose a great topic:

Choose an interesting statistics project topic for your study such as gambling, lottery, or casino games it’s really important that you are familiar with the subject so that you can gather all information needed for data collection.

It is not ideal to choose a certain topic just because it has been done by other students since this won’t have any relevance to the real world.

A great example is choosing to do a project about school attendance rates in several school systems around the country which may sound good but will it be useful?

Thus always make sure that you chose topics that matters and will give us some tips after doing research.

There are many tutors online who can find statistic surveys on different topics that may help you in choosing a topic.

Collect relevant data:

Make sure that your study will give accurate results by conducting proper research, gathering relevant data and properly analyzing them.

It is important to make notes of all activities done during data collection so that they can be used as references for final analysis.

Keep track of the sources used in your research or where the information came from such as newspapers, journals, brochures etc.

It is best practice to take screenshots of websites so that you have access to any sections or pages within those sites.

Write a draft project

Make a draft of the report before starting your statistics project. This will be your guide when doing research so that you won’t forget any important steps in collecting data and analyzing it for results.

Prepare questions that needs to be answered, conduct interviews, study statistical charts/graphs if available, etc.

In addition make sure to write down all resources used as part of your report such as books, journals or other websites visited so that they can also be added as references in your paper.

There may be times when you are not able to collect relevant data during the period you have planned due to limited time or failure to reach a certain number of respondents but don’t worry!

You just need to follow these tips:

  1. Conduct additional observations/trials if needed to get more responses or data
  2. Try again later
  3. Consult your professor for help.

Review related projects and start final writing

Always keep in mind that the results of your study should be able to answer your research questions and not directly relate to other studies or researches done by other people.

Your study may be on a similar topic as others but make sure that there are still differences between them.

In addition it is important for you to cite references from where you got information so that it would add credibility to your report such as having an interview with someone who has been part of a certain project, etc.

If possible include pictures/graphics in order for viewer interest and clarity.

During final analysis, make sure to acknowledge what you have done and results such as listing both positive and negative findings that was encountered along with future plans to continue your research.

Do not forget to backup all of your answers/results with statistical values or charts so that it would highlight the strengths of your report.

With these tips, you will surely be able to produce an awesome statistics project! Let us now review how to write a statistics project for college and high school students.

How to write a statistics project – step by step guides

Once you have been tasked to write a statistics project, you might feel overwhelmed by it.

However, this is a simple process to accomplish and here are the steps in writing your report:

  1. Write down questions or ideas that needs analysis: Make sure that they will be able to give relevant answers for your study.
  2. Gather necessary data such as conducting interviews, observations, surveys or even online research if needed.
  3. Find sources of information from where you can get additional data
  4. Analyze data after gathering all of them.
  5. Arrange the data into charts and graphs if needed.
  6. Summarize results.

Statistics project help – must have statistics

While collecting statistical values from resources used in your study make sure to include the following types of statistics so that readers would easily see how well researched it was:

Statistics related to your topic: This type of statistic does not need explanation because it is directly related to the subject matter being researched, for example, population in a certain community. These are also called descriptive statistics which means that they can describe or give an idea about something but cannot be used as samples with any statistical tests applied in it.

Graphs and charts: They are very useful when presenting results of a study. It is easy for readers to understand what conclusion has been drawn from looking at graphs and charts especially if they have been presented well during the research period. Only use them when necessary and avoid overusing them to prevent losing attention of readers/viewers.

Tables/lists: Tables present their data in a more compact way while lists/tables are more applicable when presenting a list of main points.

The steps to write a statistics project are as follows:

  • Identify the statistical methods you will need for your research.
  • Write a clear, concise outline of what to cover in your paper. For this, it is always helpful if you have already planned who you want to be your audience and what type of paper you will write. This will help you outline the introduction, methods, findings and conclusions of the paper very quickly.
  • Read up on any background reading materials that may be needed by your topic.
  • Distinguish a well-written scholarly work from one that is not as good quality. Evaluate some of these resources in relation to whether they would be helpful for your own project. Remember all these evaluations should be done in writing.

Write your paper using the steps outlined in this document, or based on suggestions for a similar type of work.

Remember to cite all outside resources appropriately and ensure you do not plagiarize any components of your work. Write freely and creatively about the topic at hand but always try to maintain an academic style, such as APA references (American Psychological Association) or MLA format (Modern Language Association).

Each journal, association or university has its own set of standards—be sure to follow them carefully.

During the process of writing it may be useful to ask some friends or family members to read over your work and provide feedback; however, make sure that you acknowledge anyone who contributed ideas for your project.

Edit and proofread carefully for spelling, grammar and style mistakes. It is always a good idea to have another person review your paper after you are done editing; this second person should ideally be someone who is familiar with the area in which you are working.

Again, remember that familiarity with the topic at hand does not mean doing the same statistics project that others have already done—the key to success in receiving a high grade is having something original written about appropriate statistical methods and findings.

-Have fun! Statistics projects can be challenging but they also allow you to be creative and demonstrate your love of learning.

Tips to write good statistics project papers

The appropriate format for a statistics project paper varies by discipline, but generally, the are some tips for writing a perfect statistics project paper in any topic.

  • The paper must have an introductory paragraph that includes basic information about the topic (the subject is defined as clearly as possible), how it is relevant, and why it was chosen to be written about (be sure not to plagiarize).
  • The study should cover research methodology in some detail—who funded the research, what methods were used (sample size, experimental design etc.), who conducted the research, where did it take place, when was it conducted? If applicable: why this method was selected and what strengths or limitations exist with respect to using this particular one?
  • An explanation of the results covering each of the statistical findings that were encountered.
  • A discussion on how the findings relate to other studies that have been conducted in this area. What is different about your work? How does it build upon previous research and why is that important? Think about questions you would like answered, things you don’t understand—then attempt to answer them.
  • The project paper should be concluded with a summary paragraph discussing what was learned from conducting this study and its implications for future research.

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Statistics project ideas

Statistics project ideas and topics for college students

Are you stuck on where to find great statistics project ideas? Below is a list of areas that you can explore and expand upon. We have tried to make this an exhaustive list, but if there are other topics of interest please share them in the comments section below. All study ideas mentioned here are associated with undergraduate or graduate level courses.

While most projects are written as part of a class assignment, many students enjoy using statistics project topics as independent reports. These papers will be different from those done for class because they do not require approval by a teacher or professor – you get to decide what you write about and how it should be presented. Statistics project topics can also help students develop their own survey methods so that when they participate in campus surveys, they have more of an idea of what the results will look like and how to interpret them.

Most students enter college with very little knowledge about statistics (this is especially true for those that are not studying a major in mathematics or the sciences).

Statistics project ideas can be divided into three different groups: descriptive, inferential, and experimental.

The first two are generally found in introductory courses on stats while the last group is usually reserved for those who go on to study graduate school or become working statisticians.

In general, when writing your paper avoid mixing these approaches—stick to either descriptive statistics, inferential statistics or experiments as this makes it easier to present your paper cohesively.

Descriptive statistics project ideas 

Descriptive statistics is the process of organizing data in a way that allows you to answer questions about them. The most common descriptive techniques include: frequency tables, bar charts, histograms and pie charts.

Descriptive statistics projects may be used to answer questions regarding:

  • Data related to another study (eg how many people are dying from smoking-related diseases)
  • An experiment or survey designed by you (how much does a 30 day exercise regime affect your blood pressure?)
  • What percentage of students at my college participate in extracurricular activities? How do these figures compare with other colleges around the country? Are there trends over time?

In general, descriptive statistics projects can take any form – you can write papers exploring your own data or data that has already been collected. You can examine a particular topic and develop a table to summarize your findings or you can design an experiment whose results will be summarized through a descriptive statistics project.

Inferential statistics project ideas and topics

Inferential statistics is the process of drawing conclusions about a population based on information from a sample. Inferential statistics (sometimes referred to as “hypothesis testing”) is used most often in scientific studies, but it can also be utilized in business-related research and other areas where researchers want to know how closely their observations match the tendencies of larger groups (such as consumers of products).

The main goal of this type of study is establishing cause and effect relationships by estimating probabilities. In an inferential statistic project, you will either be given a hypothesis or you will create one of your own.

Here are some common inferential statistics projects:

  • Studies that examine the relationship between variables (eg does income affect voting preferences in an election?)
  • An experiment designed by you (does addition of a new product to grocery store shelves increase sales?)

If an experiment is something that interests you, another great topic for project research is how to design experiments with minimal bias. Bias occurs when there is variation in data because it was collected in an inconsistent manner, rather than arising naturally from the population itself.

Experimental design project ideas statistics

Experiments are widely used in scientific studies. In an experiment, one variable changes while others remain constant to see if their combined effects can be observed. Experiments may be conducted on a person or group of people (such as rats in a lab), or they can involve non-living things (eg adding fertilizer to different amounts of soil).

Here are some common experiments:

  • Effectiveness of new drugs/medications – Rats are subjected to a series of tests and observations after ingesting the drug in question. By analyzing the results, scientists hope to determine whether or not the drug is safe for human consumption.
  • Some experimental designs will also try to determine effectiveness by examining whether or not the same dosage affects both genders equally, as well as whether the results are consistent among different races .
  • Effectiveness of exercise – A group of volunteers agree to undergo a series of physical tests and measurements in order to determine if exercise improves their fitness. They may be split into groups assigned to different exercise regimens, and the effectiveness of each regimen is measured.
  • Effectiveness of advertising – In this type of experiment, you would purchase two similar products with only one difference: ad design. By comparing sales figures for the brands that have ads vs those that don’t, you can examine if advertising has influence over your purchasing choices.

Statistics project ideas for high school students 

Experiments ideas related to sports participation: If you set out to research statistics related to participation in high school athletics, here are some areas to focus on:

  • Effectiveness of sports programs as a part of the school curriculum – Do students who participate have higher grades than those that don’t? Are they more likely to graduate? Is there any evidence that participation shapes character?
  • Performance comparisons between girls and boys (is one gender more successful?)
  • Measuring peak performance times (are athletes at their best around certain event types?)
  • Brain injuries : According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 1.6 million Americans sustain traumatic brain injuries every year from falls, car accidents, and assaults. Statistics can tell us a lot about the prevalence of brain injuries among children and adults.

Statistics project ideas about brain injury:

Event Types – Are certain types of athletic programs more susceptible to traumatic brain injuries? For example, football players may sustain them as a result of tackling or being tackled; ice hockey players through contact with other players, goal posts or the boards; soccer players in collisions during matches. Schools and leagues should look at which sports have highest participation (and therefore most likely to sustain an injury) and how they can reduce risk factors for their athletes.

If you do a study on this topic, here are some questions that might be worth addressing: Are there differences in severity from sport to sport? If you take into account things like football helmets and potential for injury from contact, how do the risks of each sport stack up?

  • Effectiveness of safety equipment – Do different types of safety equipment actually prevent injuries? What kind of protection does each provide, and how much can be afforded by families with varying incomes ? (Anecdotal evidence suggests that families earning lower incomes are less likely to purchase adequate or quality head gear.)
  • Lifetime prevalence: Over the course of your life, what is the likelihood you will sustain a traumatic brain injury? You can use any number to find out if there is a trend in lifetime prevalence across age groups. For example, children may have higher numbers than adults because they participate in more activities where this type of injury is possible.

This is a great statistic project idea for students who love sports or are interested in math and science.

  • Regionalization : Some states and regions may have greater incidence of traumatic brain injuries than others, which can be attributed to factors like economic status , occupational hazards (elevating risk) and storms . If you cover multiple areas within your state or region, you’ll be able to better identify what might cause these types of accidents, especially as they relate to certain demographics .

Statistics Project Ideas About Weather/Natural Disasters

There are two important parts to researching this project idea: storm preparation and tracking weather patterns .

  • Preparing for storms : Is there any data on how prepared people and communities are before a damaging storm hits? What about gathering resources after the storm? There are many variables that you could track: geographic location, athletic participation, income levels, gender and ages. Doing a study over several years could also give you better insight into how ready people are for natural disasters like fires or earthquakes in their area.
  • The scale of damage from storms can be seen in numbers like this graphic from Hurricane Sandy’s path through New York City , which shows some of the areas hardest hit by flooding, as well as residential home density (called populations). Tracking these statistics is an important part of preparing for storm damage and better organizing resources for those who need it later. Photograph by Robert Stolarik
  • Tracking weather patterns is also a great way to get an idea of how much damage storms cause in smaller areas that might not be on the national radar all the time. The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration has some excellent tools as a starting point for you, including wind reports from anywhere in the world, current radar images, highway traffic updates and more.
  • You could track one or two key variables over the course of several years to see if there is any correlation between them . This will help your teacher understand how different factors can affect each other when organizing this type of project for school students .

Statistics Project Ideas: Births and Deaths

Deaths are tracked in many ways. Some of the most interesting statistics you can find include age, gender, location , time of death and relation to other causes like disease or injury . There are even reports that show how people die differently depending on where they live.

For example, men living in rural areas tend to have higher rates of death by gun violence than urban men while women in both cases are more likely to die due to cancer. This is just one example of a study looking at both genders over multiple years within different geographic locations.

Statistics Project Ideas about Sexual Activity/Abortion Rates

There’s no denying that sexual activity among teens has increased dramatically since the start of the millennium (along with some serious changes young people are having in how they view traditional morality). One of the most interesting statistics you can find deals with teen pregnancy and abortion rates. The Center for Disease Control has an extensive database that breaks down stats by state, which is a great place to start.

Statistics Project Ideas About Life Expectancy

Studies done by the United Nations show that life expectancy varies drastically depending on where you live in the world (see graph below). In some countries, people are expected to live more than 100 years while others have an average life span of just 54. 

The only way we’ll ever make improvements about this important statistic is if we continue to track it over time . Take a look at where your country stands when compared to other nations and see if there are any trends over the last ten years.

Statistics Project Ideas About the Economy and Spending/Incomes

There are several amazing tools available that give you a picture of where your country fits into global spending patterns . This is also a great secondary research tool for businesses who want to make sure they’re targeting potential customers by geographic locations.

There’s even a way to find out how much money people in other countries can expect to make on average throughout their entire lives, but it does require an advanced degree in statistics first (hint: it involves life expectancy). It’s always good to know where you stand compared with everyone else on a global scale before starting this type of project.

Another great way to track these types of things would be to watch how your income/spending level has changed since graduating high school. This is another great way to figure out where you stand financially in relation to the rest of your country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is not only a valuable tool for tracking things like unemployment, average wages and spending patterns but it also makes some simple spreadsheets that make this sort of detailed analysis relatively easy.

Statistics Project Ideas About Environment and Pollution

Because we have been changing the world around us at such an increasing rate, it’s never been more important for people who care about protecting our planet to see what exactly is causing all the damage. There are several amazing tools available from the United Nations regarding environmental activity over the last twenty years or so. This includes a “Global Environment Outlook” report that shows how the health of the planet as a whole has changed over time .

This is also an excellent way to research statistics for global warming and other climate control issues. If you want to even get more detailed, there are spreadsheets available from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that track pollution in your local area.

Statistics Project Ideas About Crime

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report breaks down crime by state in fairly intricate detail , which makes it an extremely valuable resource for people interested in figuring out what they can do about crime around them. The national stats show a few trends like assault and murder remain relatively constant throughout the entire country while things like larceny-theft or robbery seem to have regional trends. The costs of crime can vary wildly depending on your city (or even neighborhood), but most places have an average somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 for a single robbery victim.

Statistics Project Ideas About Education

Education is changing so rapidly that students need to keep their eyes open at all times to make sure they’re getting the best education possible. If you’re looking into college scholarships or deciding whether or not it’s worth going back to school , this column has plenty of tips about what kind of information admissions officers are looking for when reviewing applications. In addition, statistics like freshman retention rates and graduation rates can tell you if the school you’re looking into is right for you.

Statistics Project Ideas About Voting Preferences

Voting can be a controversial issue, but it’s an important one. Obviously there are plenty of statistics you can track around your country and the rest of the world about how people feel about voting.

However, this is also a great way to look at the kinds of things that influence people’s decisions when they go to vote.

A lot of trends have shifted dramatically over time in the United States , which makes it even more interesting to use as part of your research project if you’re looking into voter preferences based on social status or other factors.

You can use this topic to come up with great statistical analysis project ideas for your college paper.

Statistics Project Ideas About Politics

There are several different places where you can find out information about politics, but perhaps none better than online magazines like new york times.

This is a site that takes complex data from various sources and puts it together in easy-to-understand ways that track political trends over time.

For example, you can find out how often the president uses certain words or phrases in public appearances to get an idea of what he’s trying to focus on at any given moment.

Statistics Project Ideas About Poverty

The government collects a lot of information about poverty rates throughout the country , including different areas and even demographic groups (age, race, gender etc.) You can find this information from the Census Bureau, but there are also programs like “Map The Meal Gap” that show how food insecurity affects various states depending on statistics like their Gini index .

Statistics Project Ideas About Gender Roles And Sexual Orientation

In our modern world it’s become increasingly important to keep an eye on how gender roles and sexual orientation affect our lives. Statistics can provide you with a wealth of information about the way people feel about these topics depending on factors like age, race, region etc.

For example, “The Social Organization of Sexuality” has some great information about acceptance based on demographic data , as well as how students at different educational levels (high school or college) felt during their teen years when it came to sexual awareness and interest in sex . This is one example of many possibilities that show how trends have shifted over time regarding things like gay marriage or political party affiliations.

Statistics Project Ideas About Social Media Usage By Various Demographic Groups

Social media has become so popular that companies are even publishing statistics about usage throughout the world and across various demographics. For example, Facebook has recently reported on how their audience is shifting in different countries , which can help you figure out where to focus your marketing efforts if you deal with international businesses.

Statistics Project Ideas About Computers

You can track a lot of information about computer use by looking at things like industry statistic , but there are also some interesting projects that let you look at how people feel when it comes to computers.

For example, “The Confession Booth” asked visitors to take poll questions that rated what kind of personal information they would be willing to share online .

This type of project could give you an idea about who’s more likely to share certain kinds of sensitive information by using the variables of age, race, sex etc. as your research focus.

Statistics Project Ideas About Technology And The Environment

If you have a keen interest in environmental factors that affect certain areas , then statistics might be an excellent way to approach this topic . For example, the “Statistical Atlas” has some information about how various factors like climate change or pollution affect entire regions throughout the world . This is just one area where you can monitor changes over time and come up with creative ideas for potential projects based on trends captured by these kinds of numbers.

Other Suggestions: There’s no end to the type of information that statistics provide, but there are plenty of other ideas you might want to consider:

  • patterns in crime rates based on demographics or geographic location;
  • statistics about birth rates and types of marriages/divorces, sexual orientation information based on age, race etc.;
  • information on when people are most likely to settle down with a mate and have children if applicable: in your own city perhaps.

The Census Bureau provides all kinds of interesting data on these kinds of things.

Statistics Project Ideas About Economics And Geography

You can also use the numbers generated by statistics programs like the Bureau of Labor Statistics to create interesting projects for yourself . For example, you could track unemployment rates in different parts of the country , as well as trends that show how certain regions are working their way out of economic downturns alongside other areas still struggling.

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Statistics is a discipline that combines rigorous quantitative analysis and critical thinking with a requirement to interpret the results of data collection.

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