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Survey Questionnaire: Mathematics Assignment


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This papers talks about Mathematics. It defines mathematics and gives the various applications of the mathematics knowledge. The paper illustrates the application of mathematics by using two questions. The first question involving the calculation of area of a kitchen floor and the minimum and surplus numbers of tiles needed to be installed. The second question involves giving example of relationship between lines and circles, and giving a real world application of the relationship.

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Mathematics is the scientific study of numbers, size and space of objects. Some of the examples of the application of mathematics includes; in construction field, in design of an object, in accounting exam fields and many more.


The two questions illustrate the application of mathematics in real- world.

Question 1

Given a 3’ by 8’ kitchen floor, the area of the floor will be; If 1 feet = 12 inches then,

Area of kitchen floor in square inches = .

For a tile measuring 6” by 6”, the area of a single tile;


The minimum number of tile needed will be;

Taking 10% as the extra tiles needed, then surplus tiles will be;

Question 2

When a line touches a circle at exactly a single point and never cutting or intersecting the circle, the line is said to be tangential to a circle (Henry, 2010).




Tangent line



Fig 1: Diagrammatic Illustration of Line tangent to a circle

If a stone is tied at one end of rope and the rope rotated in a circular path, when the rope is let go the stone tends to move on a straight line tangential to the path of circular motion. When a vehicle is in motion, the tyres moves in a circular motion but the vehicle tends to move tangentially to the tyres. Lastly, when cutting a metal using a grinder machine, the flames tends fly tangentially to the grinder.


It is important to acquire simple mathematics mathematical knowledge and understand them or appreciate them better by using them in the real-world situations. Calculating the number of tiles needed to be installed in a room and the real-world application of tangent are some of the application of knowledge of mathematics.

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References: Survey Questionnaire: Mathematics Assignment

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