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To get started with your ‘pay someone to take my online class’ request, you need to fill in a short request form where you will describe your task.

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Once you have submitted your ‘take my online class for me’ request, you will receive bids from our pool of online class takers. Review bids, chat with the experts, and hire the best.


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Once you identify the best expert, you will deposit the agreed amount, which will be held on Tutlance escrow, untill the work is finished and you approve it!

Can someone do my online class for me really fast?

Whether you are looking to hire class help online, ‘pay for someone to take my online course’ or you just have a number of questions you need answered online by a professional, our pool of experts are waiting to help. Note that the price to take your online course, class, exam, or quiz will be determined by the experts. Get a quote from up to five online class takers by posting your task now.

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When you hire class help online at Tutlance, you not only get an exceptional experience, but also the best grade possible. Remember that we have experts in over 80 academic disciplines. To get bids, proceed to post your task now.

Tutlance ‘Take My Online Class’ Services

Tutlance is one of the largest platform linking willing students and team of professional homework helpers. We have earned the reputation of one of the fastest academic exchange website.

Tutlance is a marketplace where you can get help with homework cheap, hire someone to do an online class for you, or even pay someone to take an exam online for you.

Students like you love Tutlance because they get to choose their budget, interview & hire the experts of their choice directly, and only release the funds (from Tutlance escrow) when the work is complete.

That is awesome …. right? Lets see how you can pay someone to take your online class for you fast (risk free) and still get an A!

How to pay someone to take my online class for me?

Wondering: “how do pay someone to take my online class for me”?  Due to the diverse needs of our customers, our platform provides 2 ways on how you can pay someone to do online class for you. The options are explained here:

1. Tutlance Managed Service (VIP Service – We take your class) – Our team handles everything from bidding to taking the online exam for you. You only need to post the instructions, get a quote from the admin, pay for us to take the online class, and leave the rest to our experienced team. Most preferred for online class tasks/projects.  We take your class, and give you an A!

2. Marketplace – Interviewing & hiring someone to do your online class , exam, test, or whole course from a pool of experts.

Here is the complete overview of both processes.

Option A: We find and hire someone to take online class on your behalf: (RECOMMENDED)

Tutlance Managed Service: If you are the kind of student who don’t have time to screen and hire online class takers, this service is designed for you! In this case, you will delegate the process of scouting for the best online class takers to our experienced team. 

In the managed service, all you need is to post your online class instructions/requirements, get a quote from the admin, and pay us to take the exam, quiz, class, or course. You will only interact with the admin. We take your class and give you the best grade possible. 

Option B: You are in control! You hire the experts on your own.

Hire someone to do online exam/quiz/test/class from a pool of over 5000 professional class takers online. 

If you choose to go with this option, you will have control over the choice of the expert who will do online class for you. You will start by posting general online class/exam/test/quiz details or requirements, get bids from the available experts, review bids, and hire the best tutor to do your online exam/class/course.

This option is best for students who have a low budget and have time to select someone to take their online exam. 

Here is how our marketplace works:

  • Post the class/exam details: To get help with your online class/exam , you need to submit the class/online exam help details and any materials required by the expert to take your class online. Access an online portal should be sent directly to the hired online exam taker.
  • Receive and evaluate bids: Unlike in the managed service, once you select to hire an online class taker directly, your order is listed to our marketplace where interested and qualified experts will place their bid, you chat with them to make sure that they understand the requirements, negotiate the price, and eventually you select & hire the right online exam doer. 
  • Deposit to escrow: After you identify the best online class doer and agreed on the price, you will be required to deposit the agreed amount (plus marketplace commission) to Tutlance escrow. The money will be released to the helper’s account after your approval. Once the money has been received, the expert will be notified and start to do your online exam/class/test.
  • Approval, Rating, & Payment Release : Once the online exam doer is through with the assignment, he/she will chat with you.  When you are satisfied with the work, approve and rate the tutor.

If you opt for option B, we recommend that you actively collaborate (use the chat to communicate with the expert) with the class taker to get your online class exam/quiz done to the perfection.


Whenever I want to hire someone to take my class online, I always turn to Tutlance managed services for help. I have never been disappointed by this services. Thank you.

Bryan O'Connor


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