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Free Essay Paper on The Adverse Effects of Communications Technologies on Human Society


The rapid evolution of the communication technologies has changed the social structure of the human kind at a global level. The conventional communication forms and methods have been widely replaced by the technology resulting in a less physical or face to face conversation among the adults. This paper discusses such effects of the technology on the human society.

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Communication Technologies and their Effects on the Human Society

The ways the humans used to contact and communicate each other has been revolutionized and changed during the past decade. The technological advancements in the communications technologies like the availability of the internet access and the rapid development of the cell phones have taken over the conventional ways of conducting business and social interactions. The technological evolutions in the communications technology have made the traditional “face to face” communication a thing of the past. The way humans are using communications technology is having numerous adverse effects on the social fabric of the human society which is crucial for maintaining the natural order in the human society.

Before starting the discussion on the harmful effects of technology usage, it is necessary to gauge the penetrations of communication technologies in a developed human society. According to Drago (2015), by the year 2013, 90% of the American citizens had access to the cell phones. The trend of adopting cell phones for communication purposes is seemed to be more pierced in the young generation. It was also observed by Drago (2015), that the youngsters between the ages 8 to 18 spend an average of 7.5 hours on their smart phones. This usage varies from entertainment to communication purposes.

From the above stats, we can see that the conventional communication process has been taken over by the internet based smart phones. The familiar face to face communication has been replaced by the “screen to screen” communication. In an experiment conducted by Misra, Cheng, Genevie, & Yuan (2014), it was observed that the discussion made between the people in the absence of their mobile phone devices was more useful and superior to the discussion achieved in the presence of the cell phones. The new generation which has been brought up with internet and communications as a core of their daily routines is assumed to have a fewer face to face interactions compared to their elders. This development has the potential to destroy the social interactions of persons and ultimately destroy the social fabric of the society.

All in all, the use of the communication technologies as the sole source for socializing has several adverse effects on the psychological and social development of human society. It is required to address these situations at both public and private levels; especially educating the people about these negative impacts. If these issues are not resolved soon; then we can imagine the coming generation will be celebrating events like Christmas, and thanks giving on the mobile phones and not together.

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