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Sample Essay on The Sharing Economy


The benefits accrued from the innovations in technology cannot be gainsaid. However, controversies exist between the two schools of thought of the sharing economy; the capitalists and gift entities. Primarily, the two organizational settings base their operations on trust, whereby the capitalist (Airbnb) aims at generating funds from leasing or renting out property while the gift organizations are majorly considering the charity aspect. Despite the fact that all these entities realize revenues in the end, the capitalist model has not only proven to be an attractive economic base but also a viable stance that creates a win-win scenario for all concerned parties due to the sophisticated technology and structures in place.

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Win-Win Scenario

The capitalist model offers both the clients and owners of property a wide range of products and services to choose from at their convenience. For example, one may decide to convert his home into a temporary rental apartment. With such an arrangement, interested parties need to pay for the services offered under the stipulated platform. In the end, the win-win stance is created between the client and the property owner (John 16). Besides, the clients may opt for another service if they feel uncomfortable with the offer availed to them. Therefore, both parties eventually benefit from the arrangement in place.

Sophisticated Technology Embraced

The capitalist structure is favorable to the modern society since it factors in the trends and demands of the masses. For example, the Airbnb is entirely based on an online marketplace that enables people to either lease or rent out their apartments for short-term. Through its app, clients can easily book, arrange for their travels, and even share their experiences at their host residence. Consequently, the client is satisfied with the services offered.


However, the regulatory aspect of this capitalist model needs to be put under check. Notably, with the funding of the social contracts among various parties, it means that governments have to implement strict structures that will prevent individuals from taking advantage of the common man. For instance, insurance policies that would suit such a model should be incorporated to protect all concerned parties. In a bid to meet this call, governments may partner with various sharing entities to ensure that the regulatory policies favor their callings. Some states have already delegated roles to multiple firms, for instance, the case of Airbnb, which has been in touch with the United States authorities (Stewart 16). Majorly, such an initiative is always in place to ensure that the government receives data from the respective sharing companies.


Despite the rivalry between the capitalist and gift entities, the former offers a viable platform for both the business owners and clients. Primarily, this is realized from the convenience achieved from the capitalist model since clients can plan for their stay in advance. The rates are also affordable; thus, allowing both the home-owners and clients to benefit from the online market. Besides, the connectivity between the parties is also under a sophisticated control mechanism that always keeps them in check. In the end, the model elicits a mutual relationship in the online marketplace.

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The Sharing Economy Essay

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