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There is no hope of doing a perfect research essay

Perfect research means flawless research, a research that is complete and accurate. For this reason, no research has ever been done with accuracy, without a need of alteration. There has never been a research that has ever given final results. (McLeod, p. 27).

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At one time, people had to die in large numbers before discovering that AIDS was the cause of their death. Researchers had to work extremely hard to determine this cause. They genuinely felt happy after discovering the cause of death, but there came up another problem after their discovery. This problem was the challenge of getting a cure to the disease. Since that time, researchers are trying to get this cure with every step seeming hopeful but opening many more problems to the same, hence no cure up to date. (Mworenna, p. 96).

Man has tried to understand his origin. He has come up with theories to solve this problem. He suggested that man originated from an apple as indicated in evolution theory. Much evidence fills this theory, but the theory has opened many other areas of research to man. Discovering why the current man has not evolved to the next level is the crucial question now. What was the origin or who was the creator of the apple that gave rise to man? What mighty power that was behind these evolutionary events? This, man could not understand. These questions remain a riddle up to date. Research can never be perfected. (McLeod, p. 24).

I unreservedly agree that there is no hope of doing a perfect research. Researchers do their best hoping that they could invent the best thing, but they later bring innovations in what they had invented. If there had been perfection in researchers, then, there could be no need to develop or improve any result. If there is no need of any further change, lives stop developing. Lives must be developed by the changing time. Without change, life becomes underdeveloped as compared with the time. Life has developed itself since ancestral time, and research remains part of life since creation. The hope of doing a perfect research is an irrational belief. (McLeod, p. 29-30).

Research has no end. It is like getting into a deep forest getting lost the more. When researchers find the answer, out of a good result, it creates more areas to be researched. Research is a continuous process that will never come to an end.

As one enters the academic research world and professional life, there happens to be pieces of information for the reason of age. We may certainly have access to quantity of information which is unlimited, but there is only limited time for that research. So that we can manage enormous amounts of information, information literacy together with a tradeoff in engineering have to be learnt. (McLeod, p.38).

Evaluation knowhow of the information sources and learning how researchers sort out real knowledge from a given fluff is all about information literacy. In engineering tradeoff doing, we learn about prioritizing issues, of research, and information, so that we can be paid back in maximum for time that we invest.

The world is full of unfound information. As much as the world looks forward to find any unfound information, we should be aware that not every information can be substantial, accurate or useful. Researchers need skills of information literacy to be able to handle the information they deal with and manage it properly. ( Mworenna, p. 99).

If people’s lives can be perfected, it could mean people could find answers to all human needs and human wants. So Research is all about discovery of something that benefits people and gives answers to people’s questions. This is a continuous process because nothing can satisfy people. Research is all bout searching. It does not end with the author, but it continues.

Researchers should never stop researching because it is by doing this that we fully understand research. Unless there is unlimited time of designing and doing a research, no one can perfectly research. It is unrealistic for one to be expected to research without deadlines. One should set goals and time frames for them. We can hope to advance in research but never perfect it. ( Mworenna, p. 97).

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