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Argumentative Essay Why Abortion Should Be Legalized

The debate regarding the legality of abortion has existed for many decades. Some of the countries such as the United States has legalized abortion. However, most of the countries in the world term abortion as a crime. The holy scripture also terms abortion as illegal since it involves the killing of the fetus. Some of the reasons why women perform include rape, unwanted pregnancies, birth control, and inability to care for a baby. Therefore, abortion should be legal despite the complications it impacts on women.

Firstly, legal abortions protect not only women’s lives but also their health. Laws prohibiting abortion do not hinder women from undergoing illegal termination of pregnancy. They induce back-alley operations using unregulated pharmaceutical products, coat hangers, and knitting needles which are highly dangerous. Before legalization of abortion, unlawful termination of pregnancy is estimated to have resulted in 39 maternal deaths in the year 1972. In 1976 after the legalization of abortion in the US, the number dropped to 2. According to research conducted by WHO in 2004, these back-alley operations resulted in 68000 maternal deaths globally each year. Access to lawful, professionally-performed abortions with sound medical procedures reduces the risk of maternal complications and deaths caused by illegal, unsafe termination of pregnancies. Therefore, legalization of abortion is essential.

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Secondly, a baby should not be brought to the world unwanted. Over 49 percent of pregnancies in the US are unplanned. According to Crowley, a woman who faces the situation of unintended pregnancy may not have the right circumstances to raise the child to lead a decent life. Unintended pregnancies result in congenital disabilities and increased risk of child abuse. Of those 49 percent of unplanned pregnancies, the percentage that is unwanted will be looking for means to abort (Crowley). If a woman gets pregnant from a rape event and have a compulsory childbearing, she may associate the child with the pain and horrific trauma experienced. The mandatory child-bearing result to unfavorable consequences for the subsequent life of a child such as lack of attention and care. Childbearing is a critical decision that requires planning, preparation, and consideration. Abortion, thus, should be legalized.

Nevertheless, abortion is illegal due to the following reasons. Firstly, Malifa89 argues that abortion results in physiological effects such as miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, breast cancer, and mental distress among others. Other adverse feelings include trauma, loss, stress, guilt, and anxiety. Secondly, abortion is an awful crime that denies a baby the right to life (Ladock). Ladock claims that a baby is a gift from God and abortion breaks the ten commandments. Thirdly, abortion results in unwanted memories, depression, and stress (Ladock). Fourthly, Sharma argued that abortion results in physical side-effects that subject a woman to infertility. For example, abortion results in complicated childbearing, miscarriage, and premature births. Also, abortion results in medical complications such as severe pain, infection, and blood loss (Sharma). Fifthly, according to Ruddock, legal abortion may lead to severe complications and even death. Also, stigma may lead to depression, stress, and anxiety. Thus, abortion is illegal due to the above reasons.

In conclusion, abortion should be optional although the government should implement strategies to regulate on how is conducted. Legalization of abortion is essential since it protects and promotes women health. Also, it helps in prevention conception of unwanted babies such as those resulting from rape. Other pros of abortion include the following. Firstly, it helps in avoiding financial and psychological difficulties that emerge after childbearing. Secondly, abortion gives a woman power to choose for herself. Lastly, abortion reduces the risk of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and stress. Although there exist psychological effects of abortion, it should be legal to protect and promote women’s health.

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Argumentative Essay Why Abortion Should Be Legalized

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