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the investment detective case solutions - case study

The investment Detective case solutions

Answer Q1:

We can rank the projects by simply inspecting the cash flows (mention bellow), yet it’s not a good measure to rank them.

We can’t rank the projects by only simple inspection of the cash flows because of the time value of money and cost of capital of companies. We use capital budgeting tools to measure financial performance of projects.

The Ranking by simply inspecting the cash flows:

Excel Accounting Project Assignment


See enclosed for further details.

Part A:
Prepare the year-end balance sheet for 2017. Be sure to use proper headings.
Prepare budgets such that the pro-forma financial statements for the first quarter of 2018 may be prepared.
Sales budget, including budgeted sales for April.
Purchases budget, the budgeted cost of goods sold for each month and quarter, and the cost of the March 31 budgeted inventory.
Selling expense budget.
General and administrative expense budget.
Expected cash receipts from customers and the expected March 31 balance of accounts receivable.
Expected cash payments for purchases and the expected March 31 balance of accounts payable.
Cash budget.
Budgeted income statement.
Budgeted statement of retained earnings.
Budgeted balance sheet.

Part B:
Calculate using Excel formulas, the NPV of each of the 3 projects.
It is possible that ABC Company may not be able to complete all 3 projects. Therefore, advise ABC Company as to the order in which they should pursue the projects (i.e., which project should ABC Company attempt to do first, second, and last).

Advanced Financial Accounting: Theory and Practice Test
It is an Advanced Financial Accounting: Theory and Practice midterm test with 10 questions for 45 minutes. It will take place on 28th July 2021 at 3:30 London Time Zone....
Payroll project - payroll register - t-accounts
Attached are instructions and opening balances to begin the project. The project starts out with Sept. 30th opening balances. Use the instructions to fill out the final three 4th quarter monthly payrolls. In addition, you will prepare the payroll journal entries, prepare checks to pay employees and tax liabilities as well as prepare year-end payroll tax forms. A sample T-Account sheet is provided to help with the trial balances each month. Remember a trial balance is simply a listing of the T-Account final balances at a given point in time (ie. end of month)....
Accounting exam help 15 questions
I need help with my accounting exam and ave the acutual 15 questions need help solving them as soon as possible. Will appreciate if the price is low as im a student...
My Accounting test for college
Hi I need an expert who is good with accounting and is able to help remotely, and is able and available this week. This test is only on 2 chapters and the layout is 4 short answer and 30 Multiple choice in 2 hours and 15 mins...
Financial Accounting Final Exam
I need someone to take my final exam for financial accounting today. I need a 90 at least in order to keep my grade at a B. The test should be pretty easy but i need it done asap....
Manual Payroll Project for an Associates Degree requirement
This is a 'manual payroll project' for a payroll accounting class. It's completing the attached excel file with information in chapter 7 of the textbook. The instructor says this is a 30 hour project. Copied and pasted the below from Blackboard: Watch the How to Start the Project video. Read the chapter and the appendix. Read the important information document. View videos. Read through transaction 1 and follow the entries in the spreadsheet that were completed for you. Your portion of the project begins with transaction 2. You will need to fill out all parts of the excel spreadsheet, including the journal, general ledgers, employees' earnings records, and payroll register. Tax forms will be done within each assignment. The majority of the tax forms are completed in assignment 4. The project is worth 400 points or 40% of your grade. I will be grading for accuracy and completion. The tax papers are shown at the end of the chapter on Mind Tap. The work for tax forms will be done during the each assignment in Blackboard. The transaction number is shown for the tax form. The transaction...
Vertical and Horizontal Analysis, Ratio Analysis Assignment
In the excel workbook attached I need Tab#3 and Tab#4 answered and fully completed this is the Vertical &Hori. Analysis as well as the Ratio Analysis In Tab#4 all yellow boxes must be answered as well as the text boxes: What is your conclusion about HCMH's profitabily Evidence indicating favorable profitibility Evidence indicating unfavorable profitability...
Urgently Looking for Accounting Tutor - Business Consolidations [IFRS/AASB]
I am looking for an accounting tutor to help me understand Business Combination & Consolidation entries as per IFRS standards in preparation for my exam on 10 June 2021. I am more than happy to discuss a rate depending on the hours you can tutor me. For the first session (1 hour), I am willing to pay USD 20 so that we can discuss how to schedule the online classes. We can then decide on a suitable rate for both parties and move ahead from there....
Business Consolidation Journal Entries - [AASB/IFRS]
I have attached a question below that need to answered by 11:59 pm on 2 June 2021. The question has to be answered in accordance with AASB/IFRS standards. It is a small university-level Corporate Accounting question from Business Consolidation. Please contact me if you require additional information....
I need someone to complete my exam by the end of today
I need someone to complete my exam by the end of today. It consists of 4 questions and the paper is out of 100 marks. It is a financial reporting exam for my accounting degree....
Income tax IAS 12 Discuss the deferred tax implications arising from each of the contracts
REQUIRED PART A Discuss the deferred tax implications arising from each of the contracts entered into by SAGB. You can use this table as illustrated below to complete this part of the required: Contract number Implications on the deferred tax balance calculation Implications on the current tax calculation Temporary difference or permanent difference PART B Write a report to the financial manager, discussing the ethical implications arising from CONTRACT FOUR....
Accounting exam for first year uni
accounting online assessment. 3 hours from 9:45 to 12:45 Monday 24th May. Would like in the range of 50-65%. Simple first year accounting topics should not be too hard...
Accounting Exam - To be completed
Exam for Accounting. All Section A questions to be completed and 3 out of 4 section B questions to be answered please. All questions are in the document attached....
Intermediate Accounting Final Exam
I am trying to find an Accounting expert that can perform the Intermediate Accounting final exam for me, Exam is due Monday, 05/17/2021 @ 23:00 Central Time. Further detail will be provided about the exam once I find an expert....
Intermediate Accounting Final Exam
I am trying to find an Accounting expert that can take the final exam in Intermediate Accounting course for me, files will be later posted once I find an accountant. Test is due Monday, 05/17/2021...
preparing a comprehensive financial and tax package, detailing a potential real estate development
You have purchased land and a building shell (fire gutted). The property is located at 850 East 55th Street, New York, New York, and you plan to demolish the existing building and construct a new apartment building. Assume you may build a maximum of 500,000 rentable square feet. The development will consist of 400 rental apartments, 212 one-bedroom, 238 two-bedroom, and 3 retail stores. Retail space comprises no more than 20% of gross rentable square feet. The cost of the land and shell is $50,000,000, and upon signing the contract you most provide a 10% deposit. The Construction Loan will be equal to 50% of the total construction costs and investors will provide the balance in the form of equity. The permanent loan amount will be calculated at 60% of the property’s value at the end of construction. The method for valuing the property will be the 2023 NOI capped at 10.5%. The development project has qualified under a local law granting partial real estate tax exemption for newly constructed multiple dwellings. In order to qualify you will need to agree to reserve 50% of the one-bedroom apartments for low income qualifying tenants who will pay 35% of the market rent. If...
Accounting Project for accounting course
Objectives: 1. Prepare journal entries, T-accounts, multi-year balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. 2. Analyze and critique financial statements, and use financial ratio analysis to propose recommendations to improve the financial health of a business...
Pranjali Kashyap is a financial analyst at Mount Moreland Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. She is using an Excel workbook to analyze the financial data for a proposed program called Neighborhood Nurse. The program involves nurses and nurse practitioners providing healthcare services to Baltimore neighborhoods from a van outfitted with medical equipment and supplies. She asks for your help in correcting errors and making financial calculations in the workbook....

Accounting Help

Accounting is the measurement, processing and communication of financial information about economic entities such as businesses and corporations. The word accounting is derived from the French word "accounting" and its root word "count".

Accounting can be divided into several fields including financial accounting, management accounting, external auditing, tax accounting, cost accounting, personal accounting (for private individuals) and accounting systems.

  • Financial accounting: Financial accounting makes up the majority of accounting in terms of quantity. Traditional financial accounting is concerned with the reporting of a company's financial information, using generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) as issued by the country's standard-setting body such as the Financial Accounting Standards Board in the United States and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board in the United States.
  • Management accounting: is a more recent development. It involves up-to-date decision making support for management accounting, providing information about product profitability, quality control, and other areas that aid in decision making.
  • Accounting information systems: use computer software to produce reports of financial transactions and automate the process of recording them. Systems may also perform accounting functions such as invoicing customers, tracking expenses, and keeping personnel records.
  • Tax accounting: is the calculation of tax owed by persons or businesses in accordance with the laws of states which levy taxes on income. Tax accounting is a branch of financial accounting created to ensure compliance with state and federal legislation such as the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and the relevant state legislation. Tax accounting is governed by the generally accepted accounting principles for tax purposes (GAAP). Taxes are levied against net income in most countries around the world, and thus form the largest area of application for accounting. Many businesses are subject to taxes on their income or capital, or both. They may be required to remit tax on any income for which they are responsible even if it is not cash received, such as sales of goods on credit.
  • External auditing: provides independent assurance to the users of a company's financial information. The external auditor is usually appointed by the general meeting of shareholders, although other stakeholders can agree to have an outside party serve as the auditor instead of an internal employee. Taxpayers are required by law in many countries to have an independent audit done on their behalf for confirming that their tax return has been prepared correctly. Tax accounting is also at the core of public sector auditing, which ensures that (i) tax revenues are collected and accounted for properly, and (ii) these tax dollars are spent according to law. Accountants in England
  • Cost accounting: is the process of identifying, measuring, accumulating and reporting costs associated with any activity or process. Cost accounting is a branch of accounting that is used to keep track of the costs for making decisions. Those costs are then charged to jobs or products based on agreed-upon rates.

Accounting standards homework help

Accounting standards are the conceptual, procedural and technical framework in which accounting has been conducted. Accounting standards are used to ensure that the data collected by a business is accurate and reliable for the purpose of meeting transparency obligations.

These standards are set out by various bodies such as the Financial Reporting Council, International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) or U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The International Organization of Securities Commissions also offers guidance on accounting standards when accountants from different countries do business together.

Below are some important accounting standards:

  1. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  2. International Financial Reporting Standards
  3. Good Chartered of Public Accountants' Code of Ethics
  4. Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS)
  5. Generally Accepted Accounting Interpretations (US GAAP)

Accounting standards are important because:

  • They provide guidance on the application of accounting principles associated with recording, measuring and presenting financial transactions.
  • Standard setting bodies determine whether a new development or change is effective – companies must be aware of any changes that impact their operations.
  • To be successful, companies must have the accrual accounting capability to meet financial requirements and obligations.
  • It allows investors, creditors and other stakeholders to assess a company's performance.
  • They provide a level playing field for all entities within an industry so that they are all subject to similar rules

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Help With College Accounting Answers

Are you looking to pay someone to do accounting homework for you? Don't look any further? Our platform provides help to students with all the accounting questions, whenever and wherever they need it. First things first, though, what's accounting?

Well, accounting is the processing, measurement, and communication of both non-financial and financial information about economic entities such as corporations and businesses.

A brief history of the practice takes back to thousands of years ago, in the ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia. It has close relations to the developments of money, writing, and counting. Shreds of evidence of bookkeeping also link it to ancient Iran. But its double-entry bookkeeping first came from the Jewish community of the early-medieval Middle East and was later further refined in medieval Europe.

So accounting has been part of human civilization and has no signs of leaving! Anything that involves value needs accounting. That's why students seeking cheap assignment answers come from every field of study.

Types of Accounting Assignment Answers you can ask for help with

There are several types of accounting or accounting exam help with a broader range of auditing and also in the preparation of tax returns. Each accountant tends to specialize in a given field, leading to different career tracks. So, accounting homework answers that you seek may be any of the following:

Financial accounting homework answers – relate to the questions concerned with the combination of financial information into exterior reports. Financial accounting requires detailed knowledge of the accounting framework that is used by the readers of a given company's record or statements.

Public accounting homework answers – deals with the investigation of the financial statements and the supporting of the accounting systems of client companies. The solutions arise from questions that seek assurance of the accuracy of financial statements that are somewhat assembled by the clients. Students with these lines of questions progress through various audit staff positions to become an audit partner.

Government accounting answers – provides a unique framework to manage and create funds by the governments. Such solutions look at how the government units disburse cash to cater to several expenditures that relate to the provision of services.

Forensic accounting answers – Here, the question doesn't provide a complete set of financial records, and so the assignment writers have to reconstruct the financial information. In most cases, the skill comes in handy when a business has lost its files. Students involved in this type of accounting are most likely to be posted in the insurance industry.

Management accounting assignment answers – Most often preoccupied with assignment questions relating to the process of the accumulation of accounting information. Managerial accounting deals with external operation reporting and includes areas such as target costing and cost accounting.

Principles of Accounting

Accounting has a list of rules which are essentials that guide the field. We use these principles in every step in answering every assignment question. These principles of accounting are:

  • Revenue recognition principle – mainly concerned with acknowledging revenue in the income statement of an enterprise.
  • Historical cost principle – dictates that an asset we record an asset at the price the owner paid to acquire it. This price becomes the source for the accounts during the period of acquisition and subsequent accounting periods.
  • Matching principle – Here, the expenses incurred in an accounting period should be matched with the revenues recognized in that period.
  • Full disclosure principle – the financial statement must disclose all the relevant and reliable information that they purport to represent. Without observing this rule, the data may not be useful.
  • Objectivity principle - the answers should be specific, verifiable, and free from the personal bias of the accountant.

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Here are services related to this topic:

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What is accounting coursework and why you should pay for help?

Accounting is the process of recording financial transactions and summarizing them in a useful way. In other words, it allows organizations to know the profits or losses they made and communicate in an easily interpretable form as records for a particular period.

Here is why accounting is essential:

  • It helps you to arrange financial records in a systematic way to ensure you to have reliable records.
  • It determines an organization’s financial rights and obligations. Without these records, it would be difficult to do calculations.
  • It is aids decision making. By providing proper records and interpreting them, an organization can quickly know what to improve to increase efficiency.
  • Through accounting, an organization can know its financial health. The accounting experts are the doctors to a business; they diagnose and expose the financial condition of an organization.
  • With accounting records, it’s easy to determine the liquidity of the business.
  • Keeping records of the business ensure the business is tax compliant in the interest of shareholders, and as required by tax authorities and regulators.

Some topics in accounting are;

  • Payroll accounting
  • Cost volume profits analysis
  • Money measurements concepts
  • Equity in stockholders

Reasons student need help with accounting coursework

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