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"Tic-Tac-Toe" using Android Studio and Java
It's difficult to explain here because the assignment details are in a PDF (attached). Basically, the majority of the code is already written, you just have to add three methods to get the game to work. There's also extra credit info on page 5 of the PDF. For the class I'm in, we're using version 4.0.2 of Android Studio, with Java being the language used, and the Minimum SDK being Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)....
Kotlin Mortgage Calculator
Kotlin Mortgage Calculator using Android Studio - NOT JAVA Create an app that will accept inputs related to a mortgage and output the monthly cost and amortization table. The app will have two Activities and the amortization table will be in a recycler view on the second activity. First Activity The UI will contain Years, APR, Estimated Escrow, and Loan Amount Fields The user will be allowed to select from 3 different ranges for year: 15, 30, and 40 The user will be allowed to input or select from a range, a valid APR percentage The number must be no more than 3 decimal places (4.865% for example). The field must only accept numbers for the input (remember!! Users can connect a keyboard to their devices!!) You may elect to specify a set “selection range” of today’s rates (drop down list as it were instead of the user inputting into the field with the keyboard) The user will be allowed to insert a monetary value in the escrow field 1. Must be a valid number 2. Must follow currency rules (no more than 2 decimal places allowed) The user will be allowed to insert a monetary value for the loan amount 1. Must be a valid number 2. Must...
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