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Aplia microeconomics answers

Aplia microeconomics answers

I need help with aplia microeconomics answers. The aplia microeconomics questions are listed below. I just need answers to these questions, no explanations needed.

1. The demand for a product is measured as the

A) price of the product and total expenditures on other goods and services.

B)price buyers are willing to pay for an additional unit of the good or service, given all other prices in the economy.

C)price paid by consumers who buy a particular quantity of the product during a time period at different quantities they have actually bought in that period.

D)income spent on purchasing a particular product over another product whose price differs from that of the first.

2. Which graph shows how many units of good X are demanded at each possible price level? Which graph best illustrates market demand?

A) Graph 1

B) Graph 2

C) Graph 3

D) Graph 4

3. Which graph best illustrates the assumption of downward-sloping demand?

A) Graph 1 B) Graph 2 C) Graph 3 D) Graph 4

4. An increase in taxes causes a movement along the demand curve because it caus...

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