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Introduction to humanities
write 2-3 paragraphs responding to each question listed below Select one of the following paintings and describe its organization in terms of the principles of composition including balance, gradation, movement and rhythm, proportion, unity, and variety: Fragonard, The Swing, 1776 (Figure 4-13) Monet, Impression, Sunrise, 1873 (Figure 4-15) O'Keeffe's Rust Red Hills, 1930 (Figure 4-12) Analyze the “spatial” and “revelatory” functions of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum. Give specific details and incorporate relevant terminology. Explain the significance of understanding the context in which a film exists. How does contextual knowledge influence our participative experience with film? Give examples to illustrate your point. Explain the relational theory of value and how it has informed our study of the humanities during this course. Give examples to support your explanation....
Would anyone be able help me with an xcode music project?

I have 4 unit tests to complete which relate back to music (aserve2.0), here is the first one let me know if it is do able for you:

In last weeks practical we learnt how to create arrays of a fixed length. This week we will learn to use an array whose length can grow and shrink dynamically at run time. We will learn:

  1. How to create a vector
  2. How to read and write data into a vector


The std::arry type allow us to create any number of variables of the same type in a single statement. For example, an array of integer variables for our 10 note numbers can be created by the following declaration:

  std::array<int, 10> notes;

We can then put numbers in this sequence like so.

  notes[0] = 60;
  notes[1] = 62;

However, once we reach:

  notes[9] = 78; //end of array
  notes[10] = 80; //Error cannot do this

We cannot therefore store more than 10 values in this array without creating a larger array. There are many times where we cannot determine how many ...

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