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Financial Modeling Homework 5 Questions: Banking

I need help with an Excel project that is for Financial Modeling it includes Evaluating investments, mortgages, interest rates, and budgeting. There is no specific text book. The file I upload is what I need done and it includes instructions. There are 5 problems total. I kind of started but not sure if they are right. 

Need help with case study; Review of 10K to determine NPV IRR PP, etc. opinion on company's financial health

·     Look at your firm’s balance sheet. How many accounts are listed? Provide examples of accounts on the balance sheet that would be increased with a debit entry. Which of the accounts would be increased with a credit entry?

·     Consider a scenario in which one stockholder of your firm sells his or her stock to another stockholder. Is this an economic event relating to your firm? Is it an accounting transaction? Explain.

  • ·     Look at your firm’s income statement. Which accounts would be increased with a credit entry? Would the remaining accounts be increased with a debit entry? Explain.

1)   What is the NPV of this project?

2)   What is the IRR of this project?

3)   What is the payback of this project?

4)   Should the firm accept the project? Explain.

  • 5)   How does the hurdle rate (12%) compare to the firm’s ROE and ROA? 
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